Woman wearing rubber glove and painting her house

Top Weekend Home Improvement Projects for Lake of the Ozarks Homes

Many home renovations cost thousands of dollars to complete and weeks of work, but sometimes we want to create a big change in our home without breaking the bank (or our backs). That’s why strategic DIY outside projects are a perfect choice. They’re quick, efficient, and easy on the budget, all while making your home […]

Beautiful green grass in the summer

Why Your Lake of the Ozarks Home Needs Black Beauty Grass Seed

The grass is always greener! Just about every homeowner would love to have a lush, green lawn, but few people would say that they’re really easy to maintain. From insects to encroaching weeds to brown areas, there is no shortage of common lawn problems to overcome. Black Beauty grass seed, however, is making lawn maintenance […]

Person running their hand over their beautiful lawn

Essential Tips for Great Spring Lawn Care

Essential Tips for Great Spring Lawn Care Photo by Dudarev Mikhail at Adobe Stock (More recent articles…) People love their lawns in this country. Indeed, Americans spend over $36 billion on lawn care every year. Since people care so much about their lawns, we want to make sure your yard is looking better than ever. […]

Nice Osage Beach Missouri lawn with a Keep off the grass sign

How February Overseeding Can Keep You From Losing Hair

How February Overseeding Can Keep You From Losing Hair! (More recent articles…) What happened to your beautiful lawn? You’ve been asking yourself that question all winter. That glorious green carpet of grass is now just a brown, muddy wasteland. You wonder if it will ever recover in time for the warm summer weather.  That’s where overseeding […]