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March 14-15, 2023

As a hardscape contractor, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to attend an informative and interactive training event coming to your area. Keystone Hardscapes, a leading manufacturer of concrete pavers and retaining walls, will be presenting a paver & wall  training course in your market that will allow you to become a Keystone Authorized Contractor! This comprehensive course will cover all aspects of installation best practices. We will dive in-depth regarding job estimating, job planning, engineering, installation, and more. Attendees will be tested on their knowledge of course material. Those receiving at least a 75% or above on the exam will be granted Keystone Authorized Contractor status. Attendees can choose to become both Paver & Retaining Wall Authorized Contractor, Paver Authorized Contractor, or Retaining Wall Authorized Contractor.

Benefits of becoming a Keystone Authorized Contractor:

  • Lead Generation from KeystoneHardscapes.com
  • Authorized Contractor Branded Apparel & Vehicle Decals
  • Authorized Certificate for Portfolio
  • Preferred support from their Keystone Territory Manager. Ability to offer on-site installation
    support, trainings, joint sales calls with potential clients, and more!

Why attend?

Keystone Authorized Contractors should be knowledgeable about our products and meet
industry standards when it comes to installation methods and techniques. We expect our
Authorized Contractors to provide excellent communication and customer service throughout
their projects.

  • How to lead with the perfect Keystone product for the job
  • How to Estimate & Cost Potential Jobs
  • Communicate Credibility to Homeowners
  • Best Practices relating to Product Installation and Maintenance
  • Promote Industry Professionalism with Credentials

Requirements of Authorization:

  • Attendance for the entire course
  • Score of 75% or above on the exam
  • Those passing the exam receive Keystone Authorized Contractor apparel, vehicle decals, and
    a certificate

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Products
  • Estimating & Job Costing
  • Job Planning, Layout & Excavation
  • Equipment Selection
  • Soil Characteristics, Compaction & Reinforcement
  • Engineering Basics
  • Base Materials
  • Installation
  • Edge Restraints
  • Geosynthetics
  • Sands & Sealers
  • Construction Tips & Tricks

***Lead Generation***

Our goal is to connect interested homeowners to Keystone Authorized Contractors in their area. Keystone Authorized Contractors are promoted in our regional online advertising, our catalog, and on our website.


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