Essential Tips for Great Spring Lawn Care

People love their lawns in this country. Indeed, Americans spend over $36 billion on lawn care every year. Since people care so much about their lawns, we want to make sure your yard is looking better than ever. And, with warm weather here, there’s no better time to get to work. Are you looking for advice on getting your lawn in pristine condition this season? Let us help!

Keep reading for our essential spring lawn care tips.

Get Raking!

The first springtime step for a healthy lawn is to give it a good rake.

It may have been months since you raked the grass, and winter might have wreaked havoc on it! All manner of debris might have accumulated in that time.

First, rake up any fallen leaves and twigs to get it looking better. 

Then dig deep to get some of the thatch up so that the new growth can get the nutrients, moisture, and light it needs to thrive. 

If your lawn area isn’t too large you can use a dethatching rake to loosen and remove the thatch.

Thatch rake pulling up dead grass and old thatch from a yard

Test the pH Level

Get your hands on a soil test kit to help you measure the soil’s current pH level.

The goal is to get it somewhere between 6.2 and 7. In other words, it should be on the acidic side of neutral, which facilitates grass-growing. A pH level that’s too low, though, is perfect for weeds. Use your kit to measure the pH and adjust its levels accordingly.

Aerate the Soil

Compacted soil suggests it has insufficient levels of humus and microorganisms.

These are both crucial if your grass is going to grow properly.

Take a screwdriver, or something similar, and push it into the earth. Was it difficult to insert? If so, then it’s reasonable to assume that the soil is compacted and needs to be aerated.

Feeding and Seeding

A winter with little care will have left your lawn in need of feeding! This is the perfect time to go ahead and fertilize your lawn to provide the nutrients it needs. However, it’s important to use the right fertilizer for the job. For example, anybody laying new seed will want a fertilizer that’s high in phosphorus. We can help!

And as for seeding your lawn, we offer the best grass seed on the market. We all know that wintertime can run riot on your Missouri lawn. Your beautiful expanse of lush green grass can be left looking tired and disheveled. Reseeding and over-seeding the lawn can help restore order. Seed your lawn using Jonathan Green’s Black Beauty Grass Seed and watch as it springs back to life. 

Weeding and Watering

Weeds ruin the look of your lawn. Don’t wait for them to appear! Strike early and get busy by digging them up. Or to make things a little easier, you could also use weed-killing products to help. They’ll get rid of your dandelions, crabgrass or broadleaf weeds in no time.

And finally, give your lawn a bit of water if it’s looking thirsty! The good news is that we’ve already had sufficient rainfall so far here in Mid-Missouri. However, as the warm weather takes hold and the dry season comes, get out there each week to give your lawn an inch or so of water.

Remember These Spring Lawn Care Tips!

Are you eager to get out of the house and start working on your lawn? Well, with spring here and summer approaching quickly, now’s the perfect time to get it looking its best again. Hopefully, the spring lawn care tips in this post will help you do it.

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