The Best Grass Seed on the Market: Black Beauty Grass Seed

If you plan to plant grass seed this spring or fall, to ensure a beautiful and healthy lawn you’ll want to start with the best grass seed. We highly recommend that you use Jonathan Green’s Black Beauty. This isn’t your average Home Depot grass seed; it’s the most genetically superior lawn seed available to homeowners today! 

Black Beauty grass seed presents a rich dark-green color and establishes a powerful root system that is up to 4′ deep. Additionally, there is a waxy coating on the blade that helps retain moisture when temps are hot. It’s significant to note that Black Beauty is grown by top sod growers across the U.S.A.

This amazingly robust grass seed is endophytic, so it is intrinsically insect-resistant by nature. With its higher-quality characteristics, this grass seed will improve even the most unfavorable lawns.

Beautiful lawn in front of a nicely landscaped home

Once you use Black Beauty, you’ll see why we agree with Jonathan Green’s company motto, “Once you have seen a Black Beauty lawn, you’ll never forget it!”

Wouldn’t you love to have such a beautiful lawn that people will notice and remember it?

Seeding With Black Beauty, Before & After

Check out this 5-acre lawn seeded with Black Beauty Grass seed grown only with natural rainfall and no additional watering.

Man examining grass growing in the shade under trees

A real plus for homes in wooded areas and yards with trees, Black Beauty grass thrives in the shade.  It will grow all the way up next to your tree trunks!

Best Growth Zone in the U.S. for Black Beauty Lawn Seed

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Lawn Seeding Guide

Why should I overseed my lawn?

When you plant grass seed over your existing lawn it’s called overseeding.  The practice of overseeding is typically done to help lawns suffering from environmental stresses such as excess heat, rain, etc.  In order to maximize your results, we recommend introducing new and improved varieties of turfgrass into your lawn.  To this end, Black Beauty grass seed ensures success when you overseed.  Bare spots will fill in more quickly and the hearty nature of the seed will yield the green, vibrant, and healthy lawn that you want.

The optimum time for overseeding your lawn is in late summer or early in the fall.  Seeds tend to germinate better because temperatures are cooler, there is more natural rainfall, the soil is still warm, and weeds become less active. This timing also allows your seed to have a few weeks to germinate and get established before autumn leaves begin falling.

When is the best time to plant grass seed?

We’re often asked by homeowners when the best time of the year is for seeding their lawn. Planting seed at the wrong time can certainly create a negative impact on your grass and bring about poor establishment.

Many people mistakenly expect spring to be the best season for seeding. Even so, they are generally surprised to discover that autumn is really the optimal time to start a variety of plants, including turfgrass. The onset of cooler weather protects seedlings against excess heat. However, the ground is still warm enough for healthy root development. Your grass will also have more time to develop and less competition with weeds, making Fall the best time of year to seed your yard.

How should I prepare my soil for grass seed?

For the best results, start your lawn with the right products. When you’re getting ready to plant your grass and preparing your seedbed, the following products are important to help you get the best possible outcome:

  1. As previously stated, choose Black Beauty grass seed for a Vibrant, beautiful, lawn with superb resistance to drought, disease, and insects.
  2. Next, if your soil pH balance is low (below 6.2), then pick up some Mag-I-Cal to correct it.  You’ll want the pH for your lawn to be between 6.2 and 7.  You can pick up a pH tester at most garden centers and hardware stores. This is the easiest way to discover soil pH.  If your pH is in good shape, then skip ahead to the next step.
  3. When your soil is hard and compacted, then Love Your Soil is a great means to loosen it up.  To check for soil compaction, try to shove your finger down into the soil.  You should be able to inject your finger down to the first knuckle.  But, if you can’t, then you have trouble with soil compaction.  It will be difficult to grow a healthy lawn, as water and air won’t be able to sink into the root zone.  Unless, of course, you apply Love Your Soil to help correct the issue.  If your ground is not compacted, then go on to the next step.

Finally, feed your soil! Green-Up is a highly effective lawn food specially formulated to give your soil what it needs for your grass to flourish.  It provides plenty of potassium, an indispensable nutrient required in the development of roots for new grass seed or for sod that is newly cut.  Important: Apply Green-Up for Seeding and Sodding the same day that you seed or lay your sod.  Likewise, if you have one of the above-mentioned soil problems (pH and/or compaction), you’ll also want to be sure to apply Mag-I-Cal and/or Love Your Soil at the same time.

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