Our Newest Premiere Stone Veneer Siding

Natural stone makes a statement. It is timeless beauty that is both warm and exquisite at the same time. And it gives your home or commercial property a look of status, reliability, and stately elegance. Now you can explore a whole new realm of aesthetic possibility for your home or business.

Our stunning new series of Glamour Stone Veneers offers you a rare quality of real stone veneer that has a natural sparkle embedded throughout the rock. This is a “best of the best” product that is so uniquely new to the industry that it has never been available before now. These glittering thin stone veneers are perfect for any of your projects where you desire a unique, high-end finish that will stand out from the crowd.

Far from ordinary, this real stone siding is designed to help your property make a powerful first impression, as well as furnishing you with a naturally attractive and lifelong durable finish. What’s more, your property will boast a one-of-a-kind appearance and attraction.

Amazing Natural Stone for House Exterior and Interior

This amazing and completely natural stone veneer siding is useful for just about any application, from exterior facades to interior features.

In a variety of fresh and never-before-seen granite, marble, and quartz building stone, our glamour line of thin stone veneers affords natural colors that somehow feel familiar, yet new. Furthermore, you can look forward to seeing even more colors become available, which are bound to be popular with architects, builders, and property owners.

The Advantage of our Glamour Natural Thin Stone Veneers

All our veneers are real rock cut to an average thickness of just 3/4” to 1 ½”.  This gives you a real rock siding that is 15 pounds (or less) per square foot. The result is that the pieces are so much lighter than using full sized rock that your costs are significantly reduced for the production, shipping, and installation of the veneer. Furthermore, it can be installed without having to pour footings or ledges. And it can be adhered to most common construction materials like concrete, plywood, drywall, metal and even paneling.

Unlike cheap vinyl stone siding or many faux stone veneers, our Glamour Veneers are real rock. So the natural vibrant colors in our Granite, Quartzite, and Marble are consistent throughout the entire veneer. This means that if it were to get scratched, marred, or chipped the colors underneath are still the same.

Southwest Stone Supply’s thin stone veneer siding will wear and weather naturally retaining its integrity for the life cycle of your home or commercial buildings.

(Look here for some tips on choosing which stone veneer is best for you.)

The Installation of Your Natural Stone Veneer Siding

Your thin stone veneer siding is designed to display the original timeless grandeur that natural stone offers, but is engineered for a lightweight installation to adhere properly on your walls.

"Glamour Shots" of our New Stone Veneer Siding in Use

Glamour Stone Veneer Spec Sheets

Chateau Castle Spec Sheet
Chateau Rustic Spec Sheet
Galaxy Castle Spec Sheet
Galaxy Dimensional Spec Sheet
Galaxy Heritage Spec Sheet
Imperial Dimensional Spec Sheet
Imperial Sawn Dimensional Spec Sheet
Misty Ashlar Spec Sheet
Misty Dimensional Spec Sheet
Sedona Ashlar Spec Sheet
Sedona Castle Spec Sheet
Sedona Mosaic Spec Sheet
Sierra Castle Spec Sheet
Sierra Dimensional Spec Sheet
Sierra Sawn Dimensional Spec Sheet
Starlight Dimensional Spec Sheet
Starlight Sawn Dimensional Spec Sheet

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