Mortar & Masonry Supplies

mortar for veneer installation

Masonry Mortar Type S

Ash Grove Pro Mix® Masonry Mortar Type S is ideal for contractor use in laying brick, block and stone or repairing masonry walls. So our Ash Grove Pro Mix is thoroughly pre-mixed to ensure maximum strength and workability.

metal lath for thin veneer installation

Metal Lath

Manufactured by slitting and stretching galvanized steel to form small openings to allow the keying of plaster so it will bond to the lath. And Diamond Mesh Lath can be bent easily to create curved surfaces.
mortar dye & color for veneer

Mortar Dyes are Available

Add color to your mortar to dramatically change the look of your veneer.  Consider adding dye to darken the joints between stone, hide gaps in dry stack applications or enhance a certain color you want to highlight on the stone you chose.

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