Why Your Lake of the Ozarks Home Needs Black Beauty Grass Seed

Beautiful green grass in the summer

The grass is always greener!

Just about every homeowner would love to have a lush, green lawn, but few people would say that they’re really easy to maintain. From insects to encroaching weeds to brown areas, there is no shortage of common lawn problems to overcome.

Black Beauty grass seed, however, is making lawn maintenance a little easier. Read on to learn about its incredible benefits and why you need it for your Lake of the Ozarks home.

What is Black Beauty Grass Seed?

Black Beauty grass seed is a cross hybrid grass variety developed by the Jonathan Green company. Based on years of scientific research and testing, it’s been a favorite of sod growers across the U.S. for years. It grows fast, is easy to maintain, and makes any lawn look great with its dark green blades.

The grass seed has several features that homeowners love.

Built-In Shield Against Bugs and Disease

Black Beauty grass blades feature a unique invisible waxy coating—much like what you find on apples—that protects them against diseases and also makes them insect-resistant. This coating also helps lock in moisture during extreme heat.

Extensive Root System

Picture of grass seed roots below ground
Black Beauty Grass Seed Root System

This grass grows roots that are an amazing four feet deep. This helps the blades survive periods of drought, as the roots are deep enough to get more access to moisture.

As the grass was developed to resist drought, that means less watering and more time for homeowners. Even if you can’t follow these essential tips for spring lawn care, you’ll find Black Beauty grass seed is very forgiving.

Fast Grower

Black Beauty germinates in 10 to 14 days which means it only takes a few weeks to start seeing results. The two best times of the year to apply the seeds is from mid-August to mid-October and mid-March to mid-May. A warm soil temperature (at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit) is needed for the blades to adequately grow.

The grass product is suitable for growing throughout most of the U.S.

Helps Fill in Bare Spots

The grass grows in sun and shade and is especially good for filling in bare areas of a lawn. It also grows in uniformly and will flourish even in sandy or clay soil in full sun or partial shade.

Naturally Dark Green in Color

True to its name, Black Beauty is a dark green grass with a uniform leaf texture that can enhance any homestead.

Its combination of elite Kentucky Bluegrass, elite Perennial Bluegrass, and Black Beauty Tall Fescues give the grass its unique color.

Large dark green lawn in front of a nice white home

Customers Rave About Black Beauty

Customers really love Black Beauty, giving the product four and five-star ratings and raving about its ease of maintenance and fast appearing results. Many attest to its ability to withstand dry periods and bugs.

Get Ready For the Lushest Lawn of Your Life

Now that you know about its amazing benefits, are you ready to let Black Beauty grass seed work its magic on your own Ozark home’s lawn?

Contact us at Southwest Stone Supply with any questions you may have about this grass seed and to learn more about how it can enhance your property.

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