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stone_veneer-building-siding-banner421Update your home or outdoor space with bold, beautiful Natural Stone Veneer—personalized for any place and every space.

Imagine creating the space of your dreams with Natural Stone Veneer accents that will enhance the look of your project and will add value to your home. Inside your home or out, the elegant, unique styles and allure of Natural Stone Veneer will transform your home into your own personal work of art. A mix of different stones and textures will create an even bolder look. The possibilities are virtually endless, so talk to the professionals at Southwest Stones Supply, Inc., about which stone is perfect for you—and your budget!

Natural Fieldstone Veneer from Missouri & Arkansas
202 Weathered Fieldstone Web Wall
Fond du Lac Kensington Blend
Chilton Country Squire
thin cut gray stone veneer
Coldwater Gray Splitface
Colfax 80% Splitface/20% Bedface
TV-952T Choctaw Tumbled Thin Veneer

About Natural Thin Stone Veneer

Natural Thin Stone Veneer causes your home or business to project the look of strength, style, and timeless beauty.

For contemporary homes and businesses, natural stone is the popular choice to convey the image of success, dependability, and prosperity for almost any building project.

At Southwest Stone Supply we value the lasting appeal and rich textures of stone in our natural landscapes. And working with quarries around the country we capture and cultivate that rugged beauty, and bring it to you in the form of veneer.

Our stone products are cut and shaped from real rock sourced and harvested from all over our nation in fields, riverbeds, mountains, and streams. Southwest Stone Supply’s thin stone veneer retains the handsome grandeur of the natural rock from which it is obtained.

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What is Thin Stone Veneer?

Architectural Stone Veneer SidingNatural thin stone veneer–sometimes called Architectural Stone Veneer– provides a lightweight alternative to full-sized rock and stone. Mined from quarries around the United States, our veneers display a nice range of attractive color, shape, and texture characteristics.

Stone veneers are generally chosen as the decorative (and protective) overlay for both exterior and interior walls. As with any veneer, it is cut decidedly thinner than its natural depth. The stone is normally trimmed to be just one inch thick. So it offers excellent use for siding, fireplaces, and for beautifying the outside of chimneys. This makes Thin Veneer somewhat more versatile than Full Bed Veneer, which can be three to five inches thick.

At Southwest Stone Supply, our thin stone veneer is created by sawing and shaping all-natural rock from stone quarries. So it is quite different from manufactured veneer products which are sometimes called by other names like faux stone, artificial stone, or flexible stone. One must be careful not to be misled because these manufactured products are also sometimes simply referred to by names such as “stone veneer” or “accent stone veneer”. And though they may look comparable at first, the reality is that the quality of true natural thin stone veneer simply cannot be replicated by machines.

Natural Stone Veneer Pricing

It’s interesting how so many people who become our customers began with the idea that real stone veneers would be cost-prohibitive. In fact, when a fair comparison is made, our product prices are usually surprisingly comparable, and often better than our competitors’.

Thin Stone Veneer Offers Advantages

Natural thin stone veneer has advantages, too. It is probably the most durable and long lasting of all home or commercial siding products. So it will last longer. And its installation actually produces less waste than faux stone. And most importantly, the opportunity to use real stone that was created in nature for your home or office is something that is incomparable.

Stone Veneer FAQs

What is Stone Veneer Siding?

Stone Veneer Siding and Stone SillStone veneer siding is comparable to other forms of siding, like vinyl, wood, or aluminum, but only in that it is used to cover the sides of one’s home. It can be used in two forms–full bed veneer or thin stone veneer. Where full-bed is much thicker (3″-6″) and therefore,  heavier, thin veneer is cut down to approximately between 3/4″ to 1 1/4″. Consequently, the thin stone is much lighter, being somewhere in the vicinity of 15 pounds per square foot. While either type can be applied to the exterior (or interior) walls of your home, in the truest sense of what a veneer is, we typically recommend using the thinner option.

What is Stone Veneer Made Of?

Natural stone veneers are those which are cut and shaped from real quarry stone. In contrast, cultured stone or manufactured stone veneer is man-made and generally includes the use of concrete and/or some other more economical aggregates mixed, shaped and colored with iron oxide pigments to copy the look of real stone. And though we primarily recommend and sell natural stone veneers, manufactured stone veneer panels have come a long way in durability and beauty, and we do offer some of these products as well.

Does stone veneer add value to your home?

The answer is a resounding, “Yes!” In addition to giving your home an appearance of prestige and sophistication, its curb appeal impact definitely adds value to your home. When consulting the 2019 Cost vs. Value Report, we find that exterior investments continue to provide some of best returns, and one can expect to recoup up to a 94% ROI for stone veneer siding.

(Look here for tips on choosing the best stone veneer for your needs.)

Do Natural Stone Veneers offer any advantages over Cultured Stone?

Everything around us in the economic world seems like it is being made cheaper and packaged smaller. Warning: rant ahead! This practice has been labeled “shrinkflation”, where products shrink in size or by quantity. And many companies have stooped to reformulating their products, thereby reducing cost factors and often sacrificing quality. And yet the prices are kept the same and sometimes even increased.

Who among us hasn’t opened that box or bag to find that the product inside was smaller or had a decreased amount? It is both degrading and infuriating to be deceived like this by companies who think that they are being clever. In reality, they are being dishonest. Okay, rant ending (for now anyway)!

Our newest stone veneer is a natural black with crystalline sparkles in it!So now we come to one of the true beauties of organic building material composited and processed by nature. This is where real stone siding offers you assurance of genuine quality. While cheap faux stone siding panels can be manufactured with decreasing expense (in the rush to garner higher profits), natural stone veneer siding is, and always will be, as solid as rock. Manufactured stone products can be altered by diminishing the quantity or quality of elements in the aggregates, or by using lower quality cement, etc., all while re-branding a product and telling you how improved it is.

None of us wants to think that people would do that. But they do. Just take a good look at your granola bars, or remember how most of our foods used to taste.

Addendum: Another advantage of natural stone veneer worth mentioning is the fact that it is 100% eco-friendly. Natural rock is not only entirely usable, but it can also be recycled. The waste is fully organic, and neither the stone nor its waste emits “volatile organic compounds” (VOCs).

Stone Veneers: Osage Beach offers the best selection in mid-Missouri.

Stone Veneers in Osage BeachWe are pleased to offer the largest and widest selection of real stone veneers in the Midwest, right here in Osage Beach, Missouri at Lake of the Ozarks! With an extensive array of colors and patterns available, we have plenty of options for you to choose from. Do you have an existing product that you are needing to match? Or are you considering the use of natural stone for the first time in your remodeling or building project? Either way, you have come to the right source for your stone veneer!

And we would be remiss if we didn’t at least mention that we can ship any product directly to you, anywhere in the lower 48 states.

We love to help! So if you have questions please contact us by phone, Facebook Messenger, or stop in and see us.

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