Bulk Mulch, Gravel, Decorative Stone, Erosion

bulk mulch-gravel-lake-ozark-picWith 28 kinds of bulk mulch & gravels in stock, we’ve got you covered. We also carry top soil and Blue Bird compost.

No need to only buy in bags. Buy bulk and save big bucks! And now you can save even more when you buy your bulk mulch online, and save on delivery, too.

Use Only High Quality Bulk Mulch

Good quality mulch will improve and upgrade the look of your landscaping or gardening. But more than that, it can greatly improve your soil and protect your plants.

Low quality mulch can sometimes contain disease spores from trees that have died from disease. Many such diseases will remain and persist in the mulch, like leaf spot and pine bark borers. You want to avoid spreading ground up diseased tree or plant mulch around your landscaping.

So be sure to buy high quality mulch in order to promote safety and health for your plants. Our mulches are all green, all natural, and our organically-dyed mulches are pet safe.

Bulk Gravels:

NEW - RUBBER MULCH! Click for more information.

Great for pathways and flagstone joints.

Flagstone with joints made of trap crush gravel can solve your drainage problems because it allows water to percolate downwards instead of running off.

Trap Crushed Bulk Gravel
Trap Crushed used as Flagstone Joints

weed_barrier-fabric-picDon’t forget to install weed fabrics and barriers. Click here for more info.


We know you value your time. Call us ahead with your order and pick-up time and we’ll be ready to load it when you arrive. Or, save even more time and have us deliver it for you. We deliver anywhere in the lower 48 states!

(573) 302-8855

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Need help trying to prevent and stop erosion or drainage problems? Call us for solutions.

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