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Top Weekend Home Improvement Projects for Lake of the Ozarks Homes

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Many home renovations cost thousands of dollars to complete and weeks of work, but sometimes we want to create a big change in our home without breaking the bank (or our backs).

That’s why strategic DIY outside projects are a perfect choice. They’re quick, efficient, and easy on the budget, all while making your home feel more luxurious and beautiful.

Keep reading for more information on the best weekend home improvement projects!

1. Accent Your Home's Exterior

Replacing the entirety of your home’s exterior is a huge project. Instead of doing a full replacement, why not add some pizzazz to the exterior by adding a thin stone veneer? For instance, you can add wainscoting, create a smaller accent area around a doorway, wrap your columns in veneer, etc.

Stone veneer is easy to install, much cheaper than using full-bed rock, and it still looks like a true natural stone finish. It’s the perfect DIY curb appeal project to make your house look beautiful with only a fraction of the effort and money!

2. Spruce up the Shrubbery

If you’re looking for improvement ideas, then turn your attention to the shrubs and bushes that line your property. It’s easy to focus on the house itself when it comes to renovations, but the plants surrounding your house are important too.

Pull out all the weeds and trim away any damaged branches, or add some new mulch to give it a fresh look. Pick a color that complements your home to make it look even better.

3. Plant New Grass

Beautiful, well-manicured green lawn in front of a nice homeAlong the same lines as the shrubbery, the grass that makes up your landscape is an important feature. It’s difficult to keep the grass looking bright and green, but with the right kind of grass seed, it becomes a much easier task.

For example, Black Beauty grass seed creates a landscape that’s rich in color and strong enough to withstand even the harshest of summers.

4. Install a Fire Pit

Fire pits are one of the best DIY outdoor projects that not only look great, but they also give you new ways to enjoy your home. Host a party or cook S’mores with the family whenever you want.

They’re easy to put together, and you’ll have a roaring fire pit ready for a party before the weekend’s over!

5. Upgrade a Walkway

There’s a luxurious appeal to the way natural stone looks. Many homes have walkways that are boring or even damaged. Instead, try upgrading a walkway into something that features beautiful stonework.

It’s a change that both strengthens your home’s curb appeal and makes walking up to your front door or to a different feature in your landscape feel like an experience!

Backyard patio and path designed with flagstone pavers

These Weekend Home Improvement Projects Bring New Life to Your Home

Improving your home always takes a little dedication, but the great thing about these weekend home improvement projects is that they only take about two days to complete. All of these projects spark a huge difference in the way your home looks without needing to spend a ton of money and a ton of time to make it happen.

Whenever it comes time for exterior home improvements, make sure to check out how our products can help every step of the way!

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