Grass Seed Companies: What Grass Seed Do Professionals Use?

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A green lawn is a critical element for most beautiful properties. It forms the perfect backdrop to more colorful flowering parts of your yard and landscape. With the onset of fall this is one of the optimum times of the year to plant grass.

If you are looking to seed a new lawn area, grass seed is undoubtedly one of the most important choices to create a luxurious lawn. There are plenty of excellent grass seed companies offering different grass types. Whether it is a fine ornamental lawn or a lawn that you plan to use for entertaining that will get lots of foot traffic, or just an ordinary lawn that you want to look nice, you can easily find something in the market to match your needs.

Growing a new lawn is one of the most satisfying home improvements project any homeowner can easily tackle. With a little know-how, patience, and the right elements, you can bring your lawn to life with a beautiful new grass layer.

Here are some tips from professionals to help you plant the grass seed for a beautiful lawn.

Pick the Correct Grass Seed

Pick the right grass for your location, budget, and lifestyle. The grass seed you pick should also be resistant to insects and disease, as well as drought tolerant. There are a number of grass seed companies out there, but not all of them offer the best product for your property. Think about the lawn type you want and the growing conditions in the area. Consider the amount of sun the area will receive and the foot traffic you’d expect. If you are unsure what type of grass you should grow, it is best to ask an expert to help pick the right grass type that matches your needs.

Time it Correctly

Do not just hurry into planting your new grass seed. Wait for the right season and weather to ensure the seeds can germinate properly and can survive. Some grass seeds are cool-season grasses, while others are warm-season grasses. These need to be planted at the appropriate time to thrive.

Prepare the Soil

Once you have picked the area for your lawn, you should prepare it before seeding. Remove all the existing grass from the area using a sharp shovel or a sod cutter if the area is large. Overseeding can also be an option with the right seed. Inspect and remove any debris or rocks to ensure the entire area serves as a welcome mat for the seeds.

Ensure the Surface is Even

To avoid valleys and peaks or a bumpy lawn, even out the surface as much as possible using a garden rake. While you may be tempted to use new topsoil, it is not recommended as weed seeds are difficult to manage. Instead, use lawn soil to create an excellent growing environment for the seed.

Seed and Feed

Once the soil is prepped, you need to add the seed for the new lawn. Remember, you also need to feed the seeds with excellent fertilizer on the same day. This will help prevent weeds from growing and also allow the seed to grow fast and thick. Remember that different grass seeds and fertilizers will need different spreader settings for best coverage. So, pick the right setting for the spreader. These can usually be found on the seed bag.

Cover The Seed & Water Consistently

Once you have laid down the grass seed and the fertilizer, cover it with a thin layer of soil to prevent it from washing away or drying out. Remember, when laying the soil bed, you are still able to see the seedbed. Also, ensure the top inch of the soil is always moist but do not water it so much that it becomes soggy. Mist the area once a day and a little more if the weather is hot and dry. Once the seed starts to germinate, keep the top 2 inches of soil moist while the grass grows to a mowing height. After that, reduce the watering cycle, but soak the soil deeper to allow the grassroots to grow deep into the soil.

Maintain Your Grass

Once the new grass reaches the appropriate mowing height, cut it. Remove only the top 1/3 of the grass blades when mowing. Cutting it too short will weaken it and allow weeds to grow. When the grass is fresh, avoid too much foot traffic on it.

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Growing lawn from grass seed is the perfect option for those looking to grow a new lawn or fill gaps in patchy areas. If you are considering sowing the grass seed yourself, research beforehand to ensure the best results from the entire process. And we strongly recommend that you consider using Black Beauty, the most genetically superior grass seed on the market today, available at Southwest Stone Supply!

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