Stone Veneer Panels for Exterior Applications

Fall outdoor space with pergola and stone beautiful veneer panels fro exterior use

More and more homeowners are expanding their living spaces to include more outdoor space. Fire pits, deck areas, patios, outdoor kitchens, pools, and other features s are becoming more common, irrespective of the architecture of the house or how large your property might be. To make the most of your outdoor space, you will not only want it to be functional but ensure it looks great, too. Using stone veneer panels for exterior walls can allow you to create an attractive look that complements your house’s architecture and landscape design perfectly.

Using Stone Veneer Panels for Exterior Space

Stone veneers are a versatile material that can work wonders for your home exterior spaces. You can choose from a large variety of designs, styles, shapes, and colors that you can use for your home to give it the wow factor you are looking for. While natural stone veneers are made from natural rock, there are also manufactured panels that not only offer the same natural look but are lightweight and extremely durable. Stone veneer panels can add an earthy yet elegant look to your home at affordable prices.

Design Ideas for Exterior Applications of Stone Veneer Panels

Stone veneers are quite versatile and can be used nearly anywhere outdoors. If you are looking for some inspiration, here are some great design ideas to incorporate stone veneer panels to complete your landscaping.

Water Feature

Water feature finished with a stone veneer panel exterior

In addition to pools, water features are also becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. Water features give off the look and sound of a waterfall and give your outdoor space a more modern and tranquil feel. To give your water feature a natural appearance and make it blend with the surroundings, many homeowners choose to incorporate stone veneer panels. For example, pick a design that will blend with the privacy fence or will be in contrast to your pool.

Outdoor Kitchen

If you love to host outdoor parties, adding an outdoor kitchen to your patio area can be extremely useful. It will allow you to store food, cook meals, and entertain outdoors without the need to go back into your kitchen constantly to get things. Many modern outdoor kitchens are now as luxurious and beautiful as the ones built inside people’s homes. Adding stone veneer panels to the back wall of the outdoor kitchen can unify the entire kitchen and give it a refined look.

Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor fireplace finished with exterior stone veneer panels

Another popular outdoor feature where stone veneer panels look great is the outdoor fireplace. Together they form a focal point for your yard and provide a gathering place for everyone. Stack stone veneer panels to make them fit seamlessly with the rest of your landscaping. The veneer panels can easily complement a wide array of homes, whether it is a traditional or a more contemporary house.


Apart from the list above, other areas where you can install the stone veneer panels include the outdoor living area, fire pit, large exterior wall, garages, pillars, pedestals, wainscoting, and others. You can easily update any of your outdoor spaces with stone veneer panels.

At Southwest Stone Supply, we can help you bring the feeling of the indoors into your outdoor space and make the space look stunning without the need to spend a lot of money. Call today to speak with one of our friendly experts!

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