Real Stone Veneer – Great Design Ideas for Your Home

Luxury home with real stone veneer siding

Natural stone is among the most popular finishing materials used in homes. Stone can easily enhance any area of the house it is installed on. If you like the look of natural stone for your house and are wanting to create a high-end value home, a real stone veneer is a perfect choice. Real stone veneer is economical and can give your house that luxurious, natural look you are aiming for.

What Do You Mean by Real Stone Veneer?

Real stone veneer is a long-lasting and economical addition to any home that looks just like a natural stone but is a much thinner and lighter weight facing sliced off the rock with a special saw. It is also easier to install and maintain than a full-bed natural stone and is used to stick to vertical elements such as walls, columns, etc.

Real stone veneers come in all flows, patterns, colors, and hues organically produced during geological processes. These not only add elegance and a sense of history to your house but also act as a protective covering that aid in insulation and help maintain an optimal temperature inside the house. Check out this FAQ page to learn more.

Design Ideas with Real Stone Veneer

Real stone veneers are highly popular among homeowners and are used, not just for home and business interiors, but exteriors as well. If you are looking for some ideas to use real stone veneers around the house, check these out!

Exterior Cladding

Beautiful cottage style home with real rock veneer exterior cladding and a landscaped front yard

Veneer cladding on the front part of the house that faces the street and can significantly boost your home’s curb appeal. Homes using siding with wood or brick often use stone veneers as an additional decorative element. These are installed using waterproof barriers and mortar, fastener, or metal lathe. 

Sealants are also used on real stone veneers to minimize cleaning efforts and help maintain their clean look. However, they may also change the color of the stone so it’s a good idea to check with a professional regarding the best sealing products to use.

Living Room Accent Wall

If your living room décor is a bit bland and you are looking to make it pop, a real stone veneer can do the trick. An accent wall is an effective and yet cost-friendly method to update the design of your home. Instead of opting for a flat color, using a real stone veneer can make for greater visual interest and design impact. The clean lines of the veneer will keep the design contemporary and your choice of stone will keep it in line with your room décor.


Looking to freshen up your existing fireplace? You can add some rustic charm to your fireplace by incorporating real stone veneer all around your wood-burning or gas fireplace. You can also extend the veneer upward by filling the blank space from the mantle up to the ceiling for an even more dramatic look as pictured here.

Outdoor Spaces

Swimming pool with stylish gray stone veneer on one wall with a fountain spilling into the pool

You can use real stone veneer to elevate your home’s outdoor spaces. Whether it is your porch area, an outdoor kitchen, or the pool, you can easily dress the area up with real stone veneers. They not only help enhance the look but also make those surfaces much more durable in the long run.


As you can see, real stone veneer can easily complement almost all areas of your house on the inside as well as on the outside. So, if you want to add more depth or interest to a room while keeping your budget low, add stone veneer to help you achieve your goal. 

The experts at Southwest Stone Supply can help you with the entire process. We’d love to help, so for the very best in customer care and product knowledge, contact us today.

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