5 Uses of Stone Veneer That Will Instantly Make Your Home More Elegant

A home shouldn’t just be the place you drive to every time you get off work. It’s your own personal space, one you can use to express yourself and to showcase your own unique personality to the world. As you started out on the journey with your home, your funds may have been a factor. However, if you are now a little more established in your business or workplace, you can perhaps afford to invest a little more to spruce up your house.

As you search for inspiration for how to best enhance your home or business and increase its value, have you considered using stone veneer?

Stone veneer can add that earthy, yet elegant allure that natural stone so perfectly affords. While natural stone veneers are cut from real rock, there are also manufactured stone veneer panels that offer the same beautiful natural look, but they are made from light and extremely durable materials. This means they do not add significant weight to your home and can still offer that look of refined sophistication to your home.

Stone veneers are a versatile material that can be put to work in various areas of your home. Let’s dive in and take a little deeper look at some different ways you can use this amazing building material to give your home the “wow” factor you’re looking for.

1. Enrich Your Exterior with Stone Veneer Siding.

Ah, yes. Living in a castle would be a dream abode for many, with the stone finish and the imposing structures, or the high walls that represented safety. And they all had one thing in common. They were built using natural stone.

Lovely stone veneer exterior panels are used for siding on this exquisite home.Just think…you can actually borrow some styling cues from those marvelous castles and use them on your home. Well, okay, maybe not the spires 😊, but the siding on the outside can look stunning. That is exactly what stone veneer offers you as you seek to upgrade the exterior of your home.

Even if wood and vinyl sidings are less expensive and being pushed by contractors, nothing is stopping you from going in a different direction. Instead of following the crowd, set a trend. Wouldn’t it be amazing to drive around the corner and see the ordinary look of siding on so many houses give way to a lively mix of earthy tones and rich, subtle colors? That would definitely add curb appeal and would catch the eye of those shopping for homes. And if you aren’t looking to sell, just think how much you will enjoy coming home to a beautiful house, and inviting family and friends over.

Changing from siding to stone veneer isn’t a decision that you should just make on a whim, though. It takes skill to finally get the look you’ve envisioned in your mind. You should first consider the style and construction of your house. Stone veneer siding can be applied to some homes easier than to others. So it is highly recommended that one engage the services of a contractor. They will be able to offer you sound planning advice based on the style and features of your house.

Once your contractor gives you a good, solid game plan on how to install stone veneer on your home, you’ve just opened a new world of possibility. These veneers offer you plenty of options. If you’re an artist or designer at heart, it won’t be difficult to mix and match the different shapes and colors. And no worries if you aren’t. You can always employ the help of your contractor or a professional designer or decorator.

2. Create a Cozy Space with a Stone Veneer Fireplace Facelift.

Your home isn’t only about what it looks like on the outside. It’s also how it makes you feel while you’re in it. Your home may look great outside and have a well-manicured lawn with space for a furry family member to enjoy and roll around in. 

But what about the interior? Do you feel like making an improvement on how the inside of your home makes you feel? “Cozy spaces” (also called cozy rooms) are all the rage now. To create your own cozy space you can start with re-arranging some things here and there–some pillows, blankets, and candles, some redecoration with the colors, then add some natural elements to the space.

Stone veneer on this fireplace beautifies it and the entire room.If you have a fireplace, that’s an excellent place to start. You can give it a face lift using a thin stone veneer. And again, you’ll have a nice variety of styles and hues to help you create just about any fireplace look you want. This offers a simple and affordable renovation that can help to revolutionize the entire look and feel of a room.

And, this doesn’t necessarily have to be an indoor makeover. Rock veneer works just as well on an outdoor fireplace, too. So if you would like to create a cozy space outdoors (which is also a popular trend), Southwest Stone Supply can also provide you with natural stone hearths and mantels to update your existing fireplace.

And if you don’t yet have the fire feature you want, you can consider using an outdoor fireplace kit to help you get started. This offers another affordable means to greatly enhance an outdoor space.

3. Build a Bathroom Spa with Thin Stone Veneer.

We all need a place that is both calming and restful to us. We need to be able to rejuvenate away from our normal stresses and busy lives. Why not transform your master bath into a relaxing spa?

A stone veneer accent wall helps transform this bath into a spa.It’s the one place in your home where you get to be truly alone. And there’s something especially soothing about sinking into a tub of hot water, or just standing in the shower and letting water pour over you.

There is a reason why going to a spa is like a magical experience. It’s not just the water or the pampering–it’s the ambiance as a whole. The architecture and decoration are specifically geared towards creating a sense of serenity and peace.

Imagine having this similar ambiance right inside your home. There are a ton of ideas that you could draw inspiration from. Create a dramatic accent wall with natural stone, or combine stone veneer with decorative mirrors to create a rich spatial effect. Calm colors and warm lighting help foster that sense of serenity you’re looking for, as well as large fluffy towels offering additional accent colors. Don’t forget the scented candles, essential oils, and some peaceful music. Then, enjoy the luxury and tranquility!

4. Enhance Elements with Natural Stone Veneer to Create Unexpected Inspirations.

Your home is your canvas. And you hold the paintbrush with stone veneer being one of the “colors” you can use to create your masterpiece. You have all the necessary pieces to make something truly amazing; you only need to add some creativity to liven things up. So think for a moment about some spicing up some often-overlooked areas of your home.

Thin stone veneer makes this kitchen island amazing.Stone veneer isn’t only good for siding, or a fireplace, or a bathroom, it’s also excellent for cladding the pillars on a porch. This adds a different and striking dimension to the design of your home.

Inside the home, think beyond what everyone else does to their kitchens. How about instead of a wooden island, you add some subtle color with some stone. Veneer can also offer a rich palette of colors to complement marble tops and light-colored tiles. And how about a stainless steel grill set into the rich look of natural rock?

Add some panache with a natural stone planter. Or you can build a traditional wooden planter and cover it with manufactured stone to make it unique. 

Another interesting highlight is to use stone veneer panels to create a stunning accent around the doorway of your home. And a mailbox can be set atop a stately pedestal wrapped in stone siding.

Just take a good close look around your home and imagine various features creatively transformed with either natural thin stone veneer or faux stone panels.

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5. Choose Stone Veneer Panels to Make It Easy.

Stone Veneer panels are easy-to-install manufactured stone panels with the look and luster of natural stone but with less cost and installation difficulty. They are a favorite among homeowners and stonemasons alike as an effective way to transform and beautify any indoor or outdoor wall. These dry stack stone panels are grout-free and perfect for both residential and commercial applications. And not only are they very user-friendly, but they are also available in a nice range of natural textures and colors so they create a completely authentic experience and look.

At Southwest Stone Supply, our customers like the product and the colors, and the masons love the consistency of the material.  It holds a very competitive price point as well! And they aren’t only for indoor use. For use as stone veneer exterior panels, these just can’t be beaten.

We can help you choose the stone veneer products to bring your vision to life. Contact us today.

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