Field Stone Retaining Wall

The Top Benefits of Adding Retaining Walls to Your Lawn

Are you interested in ramping up the value of your home for less than the cost of a used car? Having a company put in retaining walls can cost less than $5500. That may seem expensive at first. But you can get a ton of benefits as well.  From improving the value of your home to […]

Mulch Osage Beach MO

Mulling Over Mulch: How to Choose the Right Mulch for Your Landscape

Mulch helps improve your garden’s soil quality and slow the growth of weeds. Your goal for mulching is to make a garden or landscaping space look more appealing and promote plant growth. Mulch applied to the soil helps to reduce air and sunlight exposure. Types of mulch include wood bark/chips, dried leaves, gravel, and even […]

Flagstone Patio Installation Lake of the Ozarks

Fly Your Flag for Flagstone: 9 Flagstone Patio Ideas You’ll Love

Fly Your Flag for Flagstone: 9 Flagstone Patio Ideas You’ll Love Are you looking to add some natural flair and color to your patio? These flagstone patio ideas will help you achieve that. If a kitchen is the heart of a home, then a flagstone patio is the complimentary enhancement that gives it that extra special […]

Outdoor Kitchen near Osage Beach

Bring the Fun Outdoors: The Top 10 Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

Adding an outdoor kitchen to your home is a great investment. Read on to learn about the benefits of an outdoor kitchen. Architects have seen an increase in demand for outdoor kitchens according to AIA’s Home Design Trends Survey. Outdoor kitchens are becoming more popular in the United States especially in warmer states where it can be […]

Landscaping Stones

Top 5 Tips for Choosing Landscaping Stones

The right landscaping stones will complete the look of your yard. Read on to learn how to choose the right landscaping stones. Are you thinking about redoing your yard or patio using landscaping stones? Landscaping stones are a great idea for any yard or patio that needs a facelift! They’re super low maintenance, fire-proof, and […]

A fire pit adds warmth and fun to your outdoor living space.

Warm up with a Fire Pit: Why It’s the Perfect Winter Project

Feeling like a fire? It’s time to install a fire pit in your yard. Learn why it’ll warm up your life and your landscaping here. As a responsible homeowner, you know there are plenty of things on your to-do list. It seems as though there’s always something to fix or to fix-up around the house. […]

Contractors and builders in Lebanon, MO and Lake of the Ozarks should plan to attend the HBA Home Show.

7 Reasons to Attend the HBA Home Show

Are you planning on building a new home or doing some remodeling anytime soon? Then you may want to plan to check a few items off your to-do list and attend the upcoming home show in Springfield, January 25-27. This is also a great opportunity for contractors and home builders at Lake of the Ozarks […]

Winter landscaping construction can be done in Missouri.

Winter Months…Take Advantage of the Down Time

As the temperatures continue to drop, there are many who chose to hibernate.  Whether this means vegging out on the couch in front of the TV or sitting next to the fireplace with a good book.  While both seem inviting after the hectic lives we lead here in the Midwest, (cramming in work, vacations, school […]

Stone veneer adhesive glue for installing stone or rock on a vertical wall

Instant Lock Adhesive for Stone & Veneer

Vertical Instant Lock Adhesive makes installation of stone and veneer much easier. This is a new product that helps you instantly lock your vertical hardscape in place without mortar or bracing.  SRW has a new adhesive technology designed especially to lock your natural or manufactured stone, brick, pavers, veneer, block, flagstone, drystack, etc., in place […]

Decorative landscaping boulder

Choose the Best Landscaping Stone

For many homeowners, one of the most difficult parts of custom landscaping is choosing the right stone. Virtually any color, shape, size, and texture of stone are available that will bring warmth and beauty to your design.  However, one important rule is making sure your choice suits the style of your project, rather than simply […]