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5 Reasons to Add a Stone Fire Pit to Your Backyard

Beautiful fire pit and landscape lit up with low voltage lighting.

It’s no secret that fire pits are a sought after backyard feature — especially a stone fire pit.

Think about it. On cool nights when everyone gathers outdoors, whose house is it usually at? The one with a fire pit. They’re perfect to roast marshmallows by, or just a spot to get cozy and huddle around when the weather is right.

If these reasons weren’t enough to convince, read on for five more reasons a stone fire pit is a perfect addition to any outdoor space.

1. Weekend Project Meant to Last

With so may DIY fire pit kits on the market, it’s a fun weekend project the family can do together (even if the adults are doing most of the heavy lifting). Once it’s done, there’s a fire pit in the backyard forever.

They’re easily customizable and not hard to maintain. The fun a stone fire pit provides any backyard oasis is worth it in the long run.

2. Provide More Light

While there are many creative ways to provide dark corners of your backyard with extra lighting, a stone fire pit shouldn’t be counted out.

Whether you’re hosting backyard parties or spending time with your family outdoors, the perfect fire pit placement has the potential to turn any backyard into its own oasis.

Fire pit set against natural stone wall backdrop

3. Combine a Stone Fire Pit With Other Landscaping Options

Getting creative with your fire pit design and the elements around it is only half the fun.

Placing landscape gravel around a fire pit not only provides safety (less chance for a hot cinder to land in the grass and catch fire), but it also adds a modern touch. Landscape gravel also means less yard maintenance during the summer months.

String warm-toned outdoor lights above the fire pit, or to other areas, to mimic the light any fire gives off. It carries that cozy light to other corners of your yard.

4. Add Coziness to Any Seating Area

Adding a fire pit to any seating area — especially one that’s combined with other outdoor decorating elements — adds an extra layer of coziness no matter the season.

Something about a fire is so inviting. Add friends, family, and food to the mix and your backyard becomes a hub for you and loved ones to gather.

A fire table with comfortable seating around it

5. More Outdoor Time

Once night falls, it can get chilly and leads everyone inside for the night. An outdoor fire pit solves that potential problem.

They provide warmth at any time of the year and allow you to use your backyard for more than a few months at a time.

Get Creative and Have Fun

Whether you choose to add other outdoor elements around your stone fire pit or keep it simple with a few lawn chairs, you should have fun with your new addition.

Get creative with the ways you use your fire pit and don’t limit its use to special occasions. Whether it’s meant for the entire family, just you and a few friends (or just you), its presence is an inviting one. It has the potential to create a lifetime of memories.

If you’re interested in additions to your outdoor space, or just want to learn more, check out our blog or contact us today.

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