Fly Your Flag for Flagstone: 9 Flagstone Patio Ideas You’ll Love

Flagstone Patio Installation Lake of the Ozarks

Fly Your Flag for Flagstone: 9 Flagstone Patio Ideas You’ll Love

Are you looking to add some natural flair and color to your patio? These flagstone patio ideas will help you achieve that.

If a kitchen is the heart of a home, then a flagstone patio is the complimentary enhancement that gives it that extra special flair. Flagstone patios come in all sorts of shapes, styles, and colors, and there’s no ‘one size fits all’ design.

Are you looking to add some natural panache and color to your patio, and make your house a home? Then check out these flagstone patio ideas that’ll help you add that special signature ‘flair’ to your property, and give it that extra special edge.

1. The Secret Hideaway

It’s the stuff of childhood dreams, that tree-lined winding flagstone path that leads to the mystery hideaway at the bottom of the garden. Well, we’re grown-ups now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t revel in our imaginations from time to time!

Choose the secret hideaway flagstone patio for a feature your family will love, and your guests will wonder at. When thinking of the type of landscape rock, opt for natural colors that’ll look at home in their wild garden setting.

2. A Rustic Fire Pit

Flagstone Patio with Fire Pit
Pictured: Flagstone Patio with a Fire Pit

Fire pits are a great talking point, perfect for cool fall evenings and summer campfires for the kids. But why not go one further and create a flagstone patio feature, incorporating your firepit into a rustic entertaining space?

Match your stone to your flagstone patio, and build in an informal seating area for guests. It’ll be the perfect place for chilled out evenings with the family or a cozy firelit dinner with your other half.

3. A Woodland Clearing

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise – the kind of surprise that includes a flagstone walkway ensconced in a woodland home! A walk in the woods can be exhilarating, but forests lack comfy seating and picnic areas.

Why not create an entertaining space in the heart of nature, by laying a flagstone patio in your woodland home. While it’s a fun space to share, it also makes a wonderful refuge, for those days you want to get out into nature and escape.

4. For Summer BBQ Fun

There’s no denying that barbeques signal summer, so what better reason to lay a flagstone patio than to ensure you have a great season? For a patio that’ll include a BBQ or grill, make sure you opt for flat stones, so you have an even surface.

It may also be a good idea to lay large flags to minimize gaps, which contribute to an uneven surface underfoot. When you have kids rushing at you for their hamburgers, you don’t want any trips and falls, just smiling, ketchupy faces.

5. The Zoned Alfresco Dining Area

If you don’t have a lot of outside space, you can still incorporate different spaces with zoning. A circular flagstone feature within your patio will add interest to your garden, but it’ll do more than that, even when it’s on the small side.

By adding an eye-catching shaped area to your patio, you’ll create a multi-purpose space that gives you more options. Use that circular feature as an alfresco dining area, and add a bistro set for some sophisticated outdoor dining, right at home.

6. A Covered Poolside Bar and Snacks Setup

Flagstone Patio Swimming Pool AreaWhen it comes to poolside fun, a poolside bar is a must! The best way to tie together the different features of your pool and entertainment space is to use a flagstone patio. Use the same stone and colors throughout to create cohesion.

You can go with any design you like, and bright, modern flags will highlight your pool and create a cool, unique look. Make sure you use non-slip stone in wet areas to avoid accidents during your pool-time play.

7. A Hollywood Chic Flagstone Path

The Hollywood hand- and footprints are a thing of fame, and a cool attraction to go visit next time you’re out there. But did you know you could create the same look at home?

Why not use cement to create hand- and footprints with the signatures of your family members, and then set them into your flagstone patio? It’ll create a hot talking point for guests, and will stamp your heart onto your family home.

8. The Secluded Lake View Retreat

There’s nothing quite like watching the water and listening to the waves lap against the rocks. If you’re fortunate enough to live by the lake, then why not create your own slice of paradise by making your very own secluded lake view retreat.

You can plant trees or shrubs around the flagstone patio, placed close to a viewing platform, so you can enjoy some privacy and solitude. You’ll be the envy of all your friends, though you’ll be too chilled out to mind!

9. A Raised Terrace Platform With a Garden View

If your garden is your baby, then a raised terrace platform overlooking your beautiful natural playground would be perfect for you. Why not lay a flagstone path climbing your cultivated terraces, with matching stone at the top.

If you use the same landscaping rock for both your footpath and the flagstone patio at the height of your garden, you’ll create a unified space that’ll look stunning all year round.

Perfect Flagstone Patio Ideas for Your Ideal Home

Every home is different, but all homes will benefit from a beautiful flagstone patio. Whether it’s a secret hideaway to escape to or a calming lake view retreat, our flagstone patio ideas are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Personalize your home, and put your mark on it with a flagstone patio made for you. Opt for organic stone in natural colors for a stunning look you’ll fall in love with.

If you’ve chosen your ideal patio and need to source your stone, then look no further – you’re in the right place. Contact us today and let us hook you up with the perfect stone for you.

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