Flagstone Pavers: 5 Ways They Make New Patios Superior

Flagstone patio and pool

Are you considering using flagstone pavers for your project? If so, that’s a great choice. 

But first, just to be clear, what do we mean by flagstone pavers?

Specifically, flat and smooth cut paving material made from flagstone, which is a type of sedimentary rock. This type of paver is a fantastic choice for both builders and homeowners alike.

These pavers are ideal for many types of hardscaping. Often, we recommend them for projects like paths, walls and especially patios.

There is a rumor that flagstone is too expensive and not a great option for “cheap patio pavers.” We disagree. In reality, the price range of flagstone varies a lot. This is a versatile building material that can fit most price ranges. 

Trust us, pavers made of flagstone are the way to go in 2020. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to see the 5 ways our expert landscapers think they make patios way better.

1. Low Maintenance

First of all, flagstone pavers are very easy to maintain. This is because they are very durable and dense.

Minimal maintenance required. Nothing more than a quick sweep and maybe a spray with the hose.

The best part? If they ever break, they are very easy and cheap to fix!

As a homeowner or property manager, you already have so much upkeep to think about. The last thing you need is to have to take care of your patio when you should be enjoying it.

flagstone pavers in varying colors and sizes
Flagstone pavers come in a variety of nice subtle colors.

2. Resistant to Damage

As stated above, these pavers are durable. When we say that, we don’t only mean they are super hard. Flagstone material has special qualities too. This type of paver is both acid and moisture resistant.

This means they are not affected by rain or freeze-thaw conditions the way some lesser quality paving blocks can be. Needless to say, they can also withstand heavy objects and foot traffic.

In particular, they can survive the potentially largest threat of all, children and pets. 🙂

A raised flagstone patio
Raised flagstone patios make good transitions from indoors to outdoors.

3. Versatility

Do you have a challenging yard or project? Need to compromise with a super easy going significant other? Or maybe you are a creative who wants to design their yard or a client’s yard? If you fit into any of those categories, you will love the flexibility allowed by these pavers.

The pavers come in a range of the “natural versions” of colors. Flagstone pavers colors: brown, blue, orange, red, pink, gold, white and gray.  Think of the endless amounts of patterns and designs that can be created.

What’s more, there are so many choices for what you can put in between the pavers. You don’t have to use cement. How about some grass? Dare I say AstroTurf for even lower maintenance?

That’s just the beginning. Each stone is unique. You can use them indoors or outdoors. You can create a formal or informal setting.

The possibilities are endless. 

Backyard patio and path designed with flagstone pavers
This low maintenance backyard looks great with its flagstone patio and pathways.

4. Safety

Do you live by the lake or have a pool? Maybe you’re thinking about putting in a pool or a Jacuzzi? Or perhaps you would like to build a patio by your lake access.

If so, flagstone will make your patio area slip-resistant. This is a forward-thinking way to avoid potential future falls and tears.

Now, what a way to make sure nothing goes wrong on that perfect future day.

A flagstone patio deck by a swimming pool
This flagstone pool deck is good for safety as well as beauty.

5. Beauty

This almost goes without saying! These pavers win big in the aesthetics department. 

They can enhance the look of any backyard or commercial property. It is a preferred way by many builders to give both a natural element and an elegant look.

One popular way to further enhance the beauty is to use flagstone that is naturally occurring in your area.

What a great way to increase the value of your home or property!

Beauty afforded by flagstone can last for generations, offering great value to your home.

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