Bring the Fun Outdoors: The Top 10 Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

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Adding an outdoor kitchen to your home is a great investment. Read on to learn about the benefits of an outdoor kitchen.

Architects have seen an increase in demand for outdoor kitchens according to AIA’s Home Design Trends Survey.

Outdoor kitchens are becoming more popular in the United States especially in warmer states where they can be used year-round.

Adding an outdoor kitchen to your home is a great investment.

Read on to learn about the benefits of an outdoor kitchen.

Bring the Fun Outdoors: The Top 10 Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

Nowadays outdoor kitchens are more elaborate than the built-in barbecue patios that used to be built. It’s more common to see gourmet appliances, granite countertops, oversized grills, and even wood-fired pizza ovens in an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens are being completely built with plumbing and electricity to have sinks, lighting, and outlets for kitchen appliances.

1. Lower Energy Bills

When an indoor kitchen is used in hot summer months it increases the electric bill because the extra heat inside requires the air conditioner to work harder to cool down the home.

Cooking and preparing meals outdoors will reduce the energy bills by keeping the air cooler inside.

2. Great Way to Entertain

Outdoor Kitchen at Lake of the OzarksOutdoor kitchens are a perfect space to entertain people. While the food is being grilled or cooked outside guests can gather around the grill and socialize while the dinner or meal is being prepared and cooked.

In an indoor kitchen, it can get crowded hanging out with the cook because of the more limited room than being outside. You can have mood music playing, lighting, and outdoor furniture to have your guests be comfortable and build a mini paradise.

Homeowners with outdoor kitchens have more fun entertaining. It’s an entire social gathering area.

3. Keep Smells Outside

Cooking outside keeps all smells outside. Some food releases not the most pleasant of smells and instead of bringing it inside the home and sticking to furniture and clothing it will all stay outdoors. Foods such as fish or deep-fried items leave an aroma that can sometimes linger for days.

During the summer scents seem to also be stronger due to the heat.

Another plus is that the smells might completely dissipate into the air from the garden smells or the neighbors garden or farm.

4. Adds Value to Your Home

Sink in Modern Outdoor KitchenAdding an outdoor kitchen is more of an investment in your home. Outdoor kitchens have a high rate of return on investment compared to other outdoor home improvement projects.

This especially applies if your outdoor kitchen is made with high-quality materials and appliances. It can provide a lifetime of enjoyment and entertainment because most outdoor appliances are made to withstand tough weather environments.

5. Save Money on Restaurant Meals

Having an attractive outdoor space with your own cooking and dining area will make it feel like you are already going out to eat. Eating in your outdoor area will keep money in your bank account and will also make for an easy “drive” to and from.

6. Improve Food Taste & Waistlines

Grilling enhances food taste in pretty much all foods from fish to onions. Grilling is also a cooking technique that is healthier. The reason is the fat drips off meats when they’re grilled if your grilling meat.

This results in fewer calories from fat which is always a plus for the waistline. The high heat from the grill helps food retain its moisture and it ends up creating different flavors from indoor kitchens.

7. Extend Living and Entertaining Space

Adding an outdoor kitchen will give more room to gather guests with a nice relaxing outdoor atmosphere. It makes sense to add this space if you need more room to gather friends and family.

Combining an outdoor kitchen with outdoor lounge furniture or patio dining sets prepping food becomes a group activity and no one is stuck indoors by themselves. If you like hosting lively parties or intimate dinner an outdoor kitchen will make this easier.

Another addition to your outdoor kitchen that can make it usable even in rain or inclement weather is adding a roof. Adding an island around a grill will also increase the living space for everyone to enjoy.

8. Makes Cooking Easier

Pergola Shades Outdoor KitchenCooking outside will keep your home from filling up with smoke and will keep the indoor kitchen cool. As mentioned before it will eliminate dealing with lingering odors inside the house such as seafood. As mentioned earlier the extra heat that comes with cooking indoors will be a thing of the past leading to lower utility bills.

Everything you need will be conveniently outside such as ice makers, refrigerators saving time with trips in and out of the house with a full-service outdoor kitchen.

9. Increases Resale Value

Outdoor kitchens are considered a luxury feature that makes the home more marketable when it’s put on the market. If your backyard is not large build the outdoor kitchen accordingly because prospective home buyers enjoy also having open outdoor space.

10. Spend More Time Outdoors

No matter where you live having an outdoor kitchen will give you the advantage of enjoying the fresh air and the outdoors more often. In states where winters are longer people appreciate and treasure their time outdoors.

Being outdoors is beneficial for your health too. It has been proven to lower stress and mental fatigue.

Ready to Add an Outdoor Kitchen?

With the list above of all the benefits are you already envisioning your fabulous outdoor space?

An outdoor kitchen will become a place where many memories will be made. Special events, birthdays, and holidays will become memorable while everyone is gathered around the patio instead of gathering indoors. Check out these beautiful pieces for your future outdoor kitchen!

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