Outdoor Fire Pit Easy Kits

An outdoor fire pit is a fun and inexpensive alternative to an outdoor fireplace that will provide you, and your family and friends a cozy area to spend evenings for years to come – no matter what time of year. And with our prices starting at $254.80, we’re even cheaper than the big box stores!

Come in and check out the different sizes, shapes and colors we have available. Here are just a few of the fire pits that we carry:

Pyzique Fire Pits:

outdoor-stone-fire pit-pic326

tumbled_pyzique-retaining wall-block
Tumbled Pyzique

Block Size: 4″ x 11″ x 9″

Available in colors shown below.

Desert Blend
block-Ozark blend-pic467
Ozark Blend

Maytrx Fire Pits:


Block Size: Various

Available in the following colors:

Desert Blend
block-Ozark blend-pic467
Ozark Blend
Tumbled Maytrx

Block Size: Multi-size, 5-piece system

Available in the following colors:

Tumbled Ozark-retaining wall-block-pic
Tumbled Ozark Blend
tumbled_baltic-retaining wall-block-pic
Tumbled Baltic Blend
Tumbled Granite Blend
Tumbled Ozark-retaining wall-block-pic
Tumbled Desert Blend

If you would like to custom build your own fire pit, we provide all the materials you will need for a formal or informal design as pictured here. Plus, our friendly experts can assist you with planning for your project.

Formal Fire Pit Design
Informal Fire Pit Design

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