Fire Table, Fire Pit or Outdoor Fireplace: Which Is Best for You?

Incorporating some form of fire into your outdoor living space adds an unbeatable ambiance. Whether you want to enjoy a night of stories and roasting marshmallows with friends and family or add a fire feature to transform the patio space, there are literally hundreds of options out there. However, the vast majority of options can be broken down into three categories, i.e., fire pit, fire table, and outdoor fireplace. Each of these is an entirely different structure.

In the past weeks, we have written individually about each of these three types of fire features, so as we complete the series we’re going to recap and compare all three.

Since each structure is different, there is a slightly different pricing, size requirement, and ambiance appeal associated with them. So, which one is best for your back yard or patio? That’s exactly what we’ll address in this article, and then you can decide!

A Custom Stone Fire Pit

A fire pit adds warmth and fun to your outdoor living space.

A natural stone fire pit is an ideal place to gather around with your guests and family. It tends to be safer for families with kids under 15, and who want to spend a lot of time in front of the fire in the evening or during the cooler winter months.

A fire pit does not require a chimney, but it does produce smoke and is typically installed as a permanent feature in the patio. The location of a firepit is important and needs to be properly chosen so that the smoke is directed away from the people seated around it. So, you’ll need to work with a landscape designer to ensure that it is positioned correctly.

A major upside to a fire pit is that they are inexpensive, and will work seamlessly with all existing furniture. You can also build them yourself with an outdoor fire pit kit.

A Portable, Smokeless Fire Pit

If a natural, open fire pit seems less than ideal for you, then perhaps you may want to consider a portable, smokeless fire pit.

The perfect answer for those with a small backyard space, or perhaps budget constraints, the Bonfire and Yukon portable fire pits by Solo Stove offer an amazing experience for a fraction of the cost of building a stone firepit. 

You get all the warmth and fun of a first-class fire feature, without the hassle or mess. Plus, you get an incredibly efficient fire that heats the area nicely in an attractive unit that can be packed up later and easily carried to the next gathering.

A Fireplace

outdoor-fireplace-fire_pit-pic53809An outdoor fireplace is designed so that people can sit in front of it and not around it. There are many fireplace designs, and the right one for your area can add aesthetic value to any property while functioning as a focal point for your outdoor space. Plus, they have a comparatively small footprint which means that they can even be installed in an otherwise small patio. And to save time and expense, you don’t need to build your fireplace from scratch. There are a number of beautiful outdoor fireplace kits available, complete with different fuel options. You may choose a unit that will burn wood, propane, or natural gas. What’s more, you can also purchase additional accessories like a wood box kit, hearth kits, and even water features. And the accessory list goes on.

Since all fireplaces have a chimney, the smoke is directed upwards. Many modern fireplaces come with a place to mount a television so that people can enjoy the game while at the same time enjoying the warmth it radiates.

An important consideration in choosing an outdoor fireplace is that it requires adequate ventilation and proper smoke management. So, they can end up being a little more expensive, especially compared to a fire pit.

A Fire Table

Natural gas propane fire table with padded furnishings around itA fire table, also known as a fire pit table, is one of the best outdoor living additions that homeowners often overlook. The table adds a sense of luxury and style to any backyard or patio. All of which makes it perfect for hosting guests and it helps to keep everyone warm.

Perhaps the greatest consideration for some, when it comes to choosing a fire table, is that they tend to be more expensive. So it is really going to depend largely on your budget and whether your desire leans toward elegance or a more rustic environment. Many prefer a fire table, not just for the elegance, but for the ease and versatility of installation. These can be placed just about anywhere, from a deck or patio to an outdoor living room, as a part of an outdoor kitchen, by your pool, or even on your dock.

Which is Best for You?

Of course, only you can determine this. But here are some final considerations. If you’re on a budget and have a small patio, then a fire pit may work perfectly. But if you have a larger patio and don’t mind a little extra expense, then an outdoor fireplace is an excellent addition. And finally, if you don’t have small kids, want something that’s elegantly designed, and don’t mind paying a little more money for it, then a fire table should be considered for your outdoor living space. Click here to view our fire features idea gallery.

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