4 Fire Pit Ideas for Outdoor Living Fun

Nothing beats gathering around a raging bonfire with family and friends. A night of sipping wine and toasting marshmallows over a crackling fire in the backyard is every homeowner’s dream come true. When it comes to outdoor fire feature ideas, you have the choice of everything from enclosed outdoor fireplaces to fire pits built using steel and concrete. You also have a selection of stylish options, and most are surprisingly affordable if you do it yourself. 

Whether it is fire pit plans, ideas, or kits you’re thinking about, we’ll highlight some of the more popular ones in this article.

Square Fire Pit with Beautiful Colored Glass Beads

Natural stone square fire pit with purple glass beads in the flameSquare pits are unconventional and a departure from the standard circular firepit design. The good news is that you’ll find many square fire pit plans out there, but one that we find exceptionally unique and fun incorporates colored glass beads. This type of natural gas or propane fire feature is built using a combo of fire pit blocks and concrete. Then the colored glass beads are used to add a special glow to the design. If anything, it gives the pit a highly stylish feel. You could even choose to add a color of fire glass beads to match the color of your home or of a specific accent from your patio or outdoor living area.

Stone Pit Surrounded by a Semi-Circular Natural Wall

Natural stone firepit with semi-circular wallOut of all the fire pit ideas we have seen, this one is arguably the best suited for a home that has a large backyard. The round fire pit has a seamless design that should fit any backyard. Most of all, they are comparatively easy to build, even on your own. So, taking the DIY route isn’t going to be an issue when you have the right plans. You can outline the area where you want the pit, then lay some stone blocks and bind them together using cement or industrial grade stone adhesive. You can then build a semi-circular wall around the pit using natural stone which gives it a touch of class and elegance.

A Base Level Small Fire Pit

In-ground firepit with decorative stone and ringBase level fire pits are also called in-ground fire pits and contrary to popular belief, when built properly they are a stunning addition to any property. The beauty with these in-ground firepits is that they can be small, yet, still have enough room for everyone since a good portion of it is built into the ground. Plus, it blends in with the surrounding landscape and décor without being a distraction. While there are many in-ground fire pit ideas, generally they are built by digging a deep base, usually around four to five feet deep. Then blocks are placed around the inside edges of the pit, and finally, concrete is used as a binder. The only thing you’ll want to make sure of is that your soil isn’t too loose.

Fire Pit Kits

If you are one who prefers to shop for an all-inclusive kind of product, then a fire pit kit may be just what you’ll want. And should you decide to purchase a kit, remember to consider how you will use it so you can pick a style based upon its functionality as well as its aesthetic decorative value. 

One of the nice things about using a kit is that there are so many options out there, you can choose one with the features and the look you want. From propane to natural gas, to wood-burning, you have choices that range from easy and elegant fire tables to rustic and natural stone fire pit kits. And many of the natural stone kits come with a steel fire pit ring around the inside. And finally, after getting your kit, you can choose to do the installation on your own or you can hire a professional to build it for you.

Extra Options for Ambiance

Once you have gotten your new fire pit installed, it may be fun to think about some extra options you can put to use to help create a nice ambiance. Subtle low voltage lighting, or even solar lights, are an excellent addition since fire pits are usually a fair distance from the house. It can be nice to have additional lighting available when needed. Then consider some more comfortable outdoor seating to place around your pit, making it easier to sit for longer periods.  Add some weatherproof speakers, or maybe just bring out a Bluetooth speaker, and now this area will be one of your favored places for you to spend your evenings.

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We have to say that while the list of fire pit ideas above isn’t comprehensive or extensive, these are among the most popular (and interesting). However you want to go about it, you have options that allow you to use a bit of creativity coupled with commercially available firepit kits or plans to build your own personalized feature. The key is thinking outside the box to come up with a design that is unique to your wishes.

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