Bring Your Evenings to Life with a Fire Table

Are you looking to awe your friends and family?  A handsome outdoor fire table may be just the thing.  They are a great way to start a conversation as well as add a little warmth to the backyard. 

So, what is a fire table?  These are beautifully designed tables that actually have a fire which burns in the center. So in a sense, they provide you and your guests your very own mini-fireplace as you’re seated comfortably around a table.  Fire tables come in all kinds of various sizes, styles, and designs. They are perfect for entertaining guests, as one can roast up some marshmallows right over the table. Many people, in fact, use these as a fun and elegant Smore-buffet, with various toppings available to go along with the roasted marshmallows.  They are a backyard trend of 2019 that is literally on fire!

The fire table is certainly a conversation starter.  After all, they are quite unique and are one of the latest backyard fashions sweeping the country.  We’ve all seen stone firepits and pictures with chairs all around the fire pit so people can hang out and have a drink or two and share some good times.  Well, this is a serious fire pit upgrade. It can be complemented with nice seating to help you enjoy each other’s company while avoiding the smoke and smell of a fire pit.  And, fire table seating is certainly more comfortable than that around a fire pit, as well as providing a more elegant or romantic ambiance.

Fire tables add warmth to your outdoor living space.

Grilling food over a fire tableFire tables are great when the sun goes down and it gets just a little bit too cool.  And they are certainly appealing to the eye, with their chic modern style and design. They provide warmth, and not just in physical heat, but they also make your outdoor living area feel warm and inviting.  Still, these do give off heat comparable to patio heaters which are so popular, all while offering an upgrade in style.  

These tables are great, not only for marshmallow roasting, but they can also cook just about anything a grill can.  After all, they run by propane or natural gas, the same gas fuels that are used in stoves and grills. This allows you to regulate the flame which makes the gas safe to grill any kind of food.  Imagine being able to make up your own shish kabobs and grill them right at the table. As a safety precaution try to not have things on the table that may catch on fire when grilling such as paper plates or napkins because this is a real open flame. 

What are fire tables made from?

Fire tables are made from precast concrete, metal, granite or other natural stone or a combination of these kinds of materials.  These materials are chosen for the sake of beauty and safety, as they will endure the heat and are also safe around food. To preserve your fire table for years of enjoyment it will need to be cleaned and covering after each use, especially if you live in an area with harsh weather. But with very basic care you will have a beautiful piece that will last and look beautiful for a very, very long time.

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Fire tables are a fun addition to any outdoor living space.  They are great for entertaining as well. These pieces will last for many years when well maintained, and will bring years of enjoyment.  Getting a fire table can be quite exciting. Adding such a unique and fun piece to your outdoor living space will take your space to a whole new level.  And not only are they fun, practical and beautiful, but they are also perfect for adding resale value to your home. So if you’re looking to add a natural gas fireplace or something like a propane fire pit to your outdoor living room or patio, a fire table makes both an exceptional and affordable fire feature.

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