Upgrade Your Home With Natural Stone Flooring: Here's Why

Thinking of natural stone flooring? 

You’re likely already drawn to the natural beauty of the stone. It pulls in natural patterns that are unique on each stone, which makes your flooring one-of-a-kind.

But stone flooring has other benefits that make it a good investment. Looking at those benefits helps you decide if it’s worth it to install stone flooring.

Check out these reasons to upgrade to natural stone floors.

Natural Stone Flooring Durability

Each natural stone type is a little different, but some are very durable and resistant to normal wear and tear.

Granite is a good option for resisting stains and scratches. It’s one of the most durable natural stone options.

Other types are more porous and susceptible to stains like marble and travertine.

Stone sealer can protect your natural stone from staining. The sealant blocks spills from absorbing into the stone to keep it looking beautiful and stain free.

Easier to Remove Allergens

Stone tile floor in a nice office spaceCarpet traps allergens easily in its fibers. Even if you vacuum regularly, it can be nearly impossible to remove all the allergens and debris. 

Hard surface floors can be better if you have allergy or asthma issues.

Natural stone keeps all the debris on top where you can easily sweep or vacuum it. This makes cleaning easier. 

It can also help keep your home free of allergens, which can make it more comfortable for allergy sufferers.

Increased Home Value

Natural stone can increase the value of your home because homebuyers often find it so appealing. You can typically get a 55 to 70% return on investment when you install natural tile flooring.

The classic, timeless, versatile look of stone means it’ll hold its value over time. The same stone floor that looks great now will still look great in several years. That means even if you don’t plan to sell now, installing stone flooring is a good investment for the future when you might want to sell.

Wide Range of Options

When you start looking at natural stone flooring options, you might be surprised at the wide range of options available. Because it comes from the earth, natural stone comes with unique veining, colors, and patterns. This allows you to find a look that fits your home.

Polished marble gives your space an upscale look. Tumbled travertine has a rougher look that makes it a more casual or rustic option. Stone tiles offer many different styles to match your room’s look.

Versatile Placement

Tumbled blue stone tile installed on a drivewayThe range of stone options means you can put it in almost any location.

Indoors, certain stones may work better in certain places. Marble can get slippery when it gets wet, which means it’s not ideal for your bathroom or kitchen. 

Slate has a rougher surface, which gives you more traction. That makes it ideal for kitchens, entryways, and other areas that might get slippery. 

You can also use many natural stone options outdoors. This allows you to create a beautiful patio area or create a stunning space around an outdoor stone fireplace.

Consider Natural Stone

Natural stone flooring gives you a beautiful flooring option with extra benefits, from increased home value to easy cleaning. You can find options that fit almost any space, indoors and outdoors.

Check out our outdoor living options for ways to incorporate natural stone into your home.

Shop with us for the natural stone flooring to make your space spectacular!

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