The Best Benefits of Natural Thin Stone Veneer

Large two-story home with natural thin stone veneer and large porch
Castle Rock Natural Stone Veneer adds some serious rustic beauty to this home!

If you’re looking for a way to update your home with natural stone elements, then natural thin stone veneer is the way to go. Simple home renovations are an excellent way to update your living space, add value to your house, and add sophisticated rustic touches throughout your home. 

However, renovating your house can be costly. That’s what makes thin stone veneers such a great idea. They’re affordable and can instantly give any house a distinctive new look.

Keep reading to explore the benefits of both natural and faux stone veneer and why they can both make excellent choices for your next home project.

Benefits of Natural Thin Stone Veneer

Stone veneer siding on a 2-car garageAffordability is one of the most important factors when completing home renovation projects. This is what makes stone veneer siding a great choice if you’re looking to update the exterior of your home. 

Faux stone veneer siding is easier to transport since it is so light. Its durability is more cost-effective during the installation process since it’s less likely to sustain damage. 

This lightweight product also installs much faster than traditional natural stone. Time is money, and stone veneer is one way of saving big. 

Another benefit is the wide array of colors and sizes that it comes in. Natural thin stone veneer siding can be selected to match your home and personal sense of style.

Since you can choose the look and color scheme of the veneer stone you plan to use, your finished product will be much more uniform throughout. On the other hand, when using a full-bed natural stone, there’s no guarantee that the stones will match perfectly. 

Stone veneers allow you to create a space that is everything you dreamed of for your home. You can redo an interior wall for an updated look or redo the exterior of your home for some added curb appeal. 

No matter the project, stone veneer is a versatile option for every budget.

Easy, Affordable Maintenance

Very nice home sided with natural stone veneerStone isn’t just good for siding. It’s gaining popularity and is used throughout the house. It can be seen sprucing up a fireplace, adding rustic charm and beauty to your family room.

Other times it may be seen in a bathroom or kitchen, adding the right amount of texture and style. 

What makes rock veneer so remarkable is its effortless maintenance. For interior stone veneer, simply give it a dust. Exterior thin stone veneers can be quickly hosed down to look good as new. 

Any little chips or imperfections can be easily corrected with touch up paint. You can use low maintenance, affordable stone veneer to update your home to have that elegant rustic look you’ve been dreaming of.

Choosing the Best Stone Veneers

No matter what you’re looking to do, there are options for every job. With tons of colors and styles to choose from, natural thin stone veneers are an affordable way of bringing that handsomely refined flair into any home project.

Contact us today and we’ll help you create your ideal living space. Our stone veneers are guaranteed to spruce up any home project.

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