What is Black Beauty Seed and Why Do I Need It?

Are you looking for the perfect choice for your lawn in Missouri? Is your current lawn not providing the look you’re after or requiring too much work to keep it looking good? If so, it is time to consider putting in Black Beauty grass. 

Black Beauty grass can give you the results you’re looking for. Beautiful color and easier maintenance.

If can even help increase the curb appeal of your house when it comes time to sell. In the interim, it will delight the eyes of you and your guests.

Below are some of the benefits of choosing Black Beauty seed for your lawn.

Beautiful Dark Green Color

Nothing says you’ve got a healthy lawn more than its color. This makes Black Beauty’s deep dark green hard to beat.  Its blades also have a waxy coating that helps reflect the sun’s rays providing lovely shimmering highlights to your lawn. 

Retains Moisture Naturally

Black beauty’s waxy coating doesn’t just help your grass look good. That same waxy coating also helps preserve moisture during periods of low rainfall and during hot weather. 

Resists Damage from Insects

Black Beauty is an endophyte-enhanced grass. This means the grass seed contains biologically active alkaloids that naturally result in higher resistance to insects and other pests that can damage your lawn. 

Grows Well in Shade

Have trees that shade areas of your lawn that has kept ground cover from growing up to the bases of your trees and other landscaping? If so, choosing Black Beauty grass will help ensure you get complete coverage even in hard-to-grow-in shady spots. 

Grass under trees should be watered less often (and in the morning). Due to reduced air movement in these locations and Black Beauty’s natural ability to retain moisture will help it thrive while not having to oversaturate the dirt. This will help prevent foliage diseases that require water to spread.

Fewer Weeds

With proper turf management, planting a superior grass seed variety like Jonathan Green’s Black Beauty will help ensure your lawn stays thick and healthy year-round. Your thick ground cover of grass will leave little room for weeds to take hold or spread.  

Anything that disrupts your lawn’s coverage can provide a foothold for weeds to sprout up. Protect your lawn by not mowing it too short or by removing more than one-third of the grass length at a time.

Alternate the directions in which you mow your lawn to keep from beating down your grass due to excessive wear and tear. Put in stone walkways to protect against foot traffic in heavily used pathways.

Black Beauty. The quality Grass Seed choice of Lawn Care Professionals.

Our friendly and expert staff are ready to answer your questions about Black Beauty grass seed and fertilizers to help you plant magnificent lawns.

Choose Black Beauty Grass for Your Lawn

Whether it is time to reseed your lawn or you’re putting in a new one from scratch, you can see how planting Black Beauty grass can help you put your best lawn forward. You’ll love its lush beauty, lower water requirements and natural ability to protect itself from pests.

Contact us for help with your outdoor landscaping problems or to get a quote on your next project. 

Attention Contractors and Retailers

Contact us for information on purchasing any of the full line of Jonathan Green grass seed, fertilizer, and organic lawn care products.

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