Why Landscaping with Mexican Beach Pebbles is So Popular

Mexican beach pebbles with sea water in the background

Natural stones have a certain beauty and charm to them. Some natural stones have landscaping characteristics that seem to draw people to them. Among all the different types of natural stones, Mexican Beach Pebbles are some of the most popular. These round and smooth pebbles are widely used in landscaping projects. And they not only offer an elegant look but also offer many practical benefits to your landscaping project.

What are Mexican Beach Pebbles?

Mexican Beach Pebbles are 100% naturally formed decorative rocks originally found in Baja, Mexico. Their shape and texture come from the erosion of the stones from the cliffs along the beaches. The energy of the waves and the sand polished and smoothed the pebbles, giving them a smooth and unique shape. Mexican Beach Pebbles landscaping is the perfect solution to almost any outdoor improvement project you are considering that requires small decorative stones. (Download a sample PDF of our pebbles, cobbles and skippers.)

Beach Pebbles Offer Plenty of Desirable Features

Along with being easy to install, Mexican Beach Pebbles are extremely low maintenance. When used in landscaping, they do not require any special cleaning or care routine. Once they are placed, they will be there for as long as you want and continue to bring an elegant look to the area.

They can also help you save a lot of time and money when used as a lawn replacement. A lawn needs to be cut and watered from time to time — rocks eliminate those worries.  So, whether you use them in portions of your outdoor space or to xeriscape the entire area, they bring timeless beauty to your property.

In addition, these pebbles are handpicked, so there are no machines involved when sourcing them from the beaches. Therefore, they are highly preferable for those looking for environmentally friendly products for their landscaping projects.

Endless Applications

Mexican Beach Pebbles are quite versatile and can be used in both outdoor and indoor settings. These smooth, colorful stones never go out of style and help beautify any ordinary landscape. In residential landscaping projects, they are used for pathways, ground cover, planters, driveways, dry steam beds, Zen Gardens, pool areas, rooftops, pond accents, fountain designs, and more.

Furthermore, Mexican Beach Pebbles are ideal for a number of hardscape projects and can be embedded in pots, flower beds, concrete, planters, patios, decks, and xeriscape landscapes requiring little irrigation.  These pebbles are also quite popular in commercial landscaping projects for hotels, resorts, airports, hospitals, offices, restaurants, and various other kinds of businesses.

Once installed, Mexican Beach Pebbles can withstand any kind of weather – ice, rain, sun, and snow and will not lose their appeal. Plus, you can choose from different colors and sizes of pebbles, depending on your landscaping environment.

Two large oak trees in a lush green garden yard with Mexican Beach Pebbles ground covering around them
Mexican Beach Pebbles make perfect ground cover around trees and shrubs.

Variety of Stone Sizes and Color Options

These stunning pebbles are available in many different sizes and colors, giving you the option to match them perfectly with your landscaping requirements and preferences.

Available in many base colors, such as black, brown, tans, and more, they allow you to create the perfect atmosphere you want. Additionally, there are some pebbles that are multicolored with variations including green, grey, bluish, yellow, cream, white, and more. You can also choose from different finishes such as natural, polished, or matte.

You can buy these pebbles in a variety of sizes to match the range of applications they are used for. Just search for “Mexican Beach Pebbles near me” to find the nearest landscape supply yard that sells them. The most common ones are available in sizes ranging from ½”-¾” in diameter to 5” and can be useful in a wide variety of landscaping applications. The smaller-sized smooth pebbles are easy to walk on and are perfect for pathways or around a playground or pool. For landscape edging, you can opt for the largest size variety called the Pineapple-sized Mexican Beach Rocks.

However, you need to remember that these pebbles are formed naturally, and each has their own unique shape and size. Thus, you won’t find all of them in the exact same size when you order a shipment.


Because of their high-end look, you can expect great results from the use of Mexican Beach Pebbles. Even though they can cost a little more compared to other pebbles and small rocks, their uniquely elegant beauty makes them well worth it and they never go out of style.

So, when you’re ready to purchase or if you have questions, you can drop by the store or just call and order. We’re always just a phone call away to help with your questions and we deliver anywhere in the lower 48 states. 

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