Front Yard Landscape Design to Boost Style and Curb Appeal

Stately home with elegant front yard landscape design out in the country

When you pull up to your home, do you feel that wow factor? Does your house look as warm and inviting from the outside as it is inside? If you feel like your front yard is outdated and needs some curb appeal, there are a few things you can change. If you have a beautiful home, it doesn’t make sense to have average landscaping out in front of it. One of the best ways to get a front yard you can be proud of is by incorporating decorative landscaping pavers into the design. These are a great investment and low maintenance too. Here are some great front yard landscape design ideas to add style to your home and help maximize the curb appeal.

Paved Pathway Lined with Plants

Paver stone walkway lined with shrubs and flowers through a well-landscaped front yard garden

If your current walkway seems boring and cookie-cutter, then it’s definitely time to update that pathway! 

For example, you can install a paver pathway and use boxwoods planted along its sides. 

Choose different types of plants and even some colorful flowers to help bring the wow factor to your front yard. 

Boxwoods, for instance, are easy to maintain, and we all like that!

And you can choose from a variety of styles depending on your walkway and your front yard landscape design.

Create a Water Feature

Pavers are also an excellent choice to help create a water feature in your front yard. They will bring additional dimension with their texture and sizes. Whether it is a fountain or a stream, pavers can be easily used to create a feature that will be a relaxing and soothing spot for you to enjoy the outdoors while adding a focal point to your landscaping ideas for front yard pizzazz.

Colorful water feature made of stone pavers with surrounding ornamental trees and statuary

Add Steps to Your Pathway

If your house is located on a small hill, you can create beautiful steps in your yard using natural stone. So, whether it’s large stone slabs or paver steps, this is a great way to upgrade your landscape. 

Consider a mix of paving stones, natural rocks, and even brick to give your sidewalk and the entrance of your home a unique look. Also, natural stone in any form can easily withstand harsh weather and normal wear and tear. Stone materials will make your front yard hardscapes look great!

Elegant front doorway paver steps in descending circles with natural stone veneer columns and solar lighting

Construct Some Large Planters

Elegant planters made of pavers at the end of a flower bed and garden wall

Add large-size planters to create stately style and color to your front yard. 

However, they can be expensive! 

Instead, perhaps you can create your own industrial-sized planters using some leftover pavers and some inexpensive supplies

DIY large planters for outdoors make an enjoyable weekend project with a major payoff in the curb appeal department. Use them to tie together a stone garden wall or a couple of flower beds.

Once done, these will add a distinguished aesthetic design to an otherwise ordinary front yard landscape.

Add Dynamic Appeal to Your Driveway with Pavers

A paver driveway can help create a stunningly beautiful entrance to your home and significantly boost its curb appeal. Choosing pavers with nice color variation is an eye-catching style that is perfect for high-end homes. Here, cobblestone pavers are laid in a circular pattern to create the Old World look and feel of historical pavements.

Cobblestone paved driveway in a rounded, Old World style

Get the Upscale Landscape Design You Want

There are plenty of front yard landscape design ideas that can help you create the upscale feel you want for your home. However, it is critical to pick a design that works best for you and make your house look special without blowing a hole in your budget. You can achieve this goal by working with a top-quality landscaping supply store and by hiring a landscaping company that thinks outside the box. Contact us today to get started transforming your front yard from ordinary to spectacular.

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