Save Time & Money Installing Hardscapes: Introducing the Silca SoilGrid

The Silca SoilGrid is a revolutionary new innovation that enables you to construct stronger and better-built hardscapes. This is accomplished by stabilizing your base material, which effectively cuts your excavation work in half.

Furthermore, it does away with the problem of heaving and settling of pavers that often happens with traditional hardscape construction. When it comes to in-ground installation of porcelain pavers, brick, concrete pavers, flagstone or other natural stone, this product is the perfect solution. What’s more, the Silca SoilGrid makes it easy for you to combine and blend your hardscapes with your existing patio or deck surface and stairs. You can get a nice, natural flow to complete your outdoor living space!

Save time and money on the substructure.

Our new Silca heavy-duty linking grid system makes it possible for you to create stronger hardscapes by bringing greater stability to your base materials. Each individual grid of the Silca Soil Grid is 13’ X 13” X 1 ½” thick, reducing heaving and settling of pavers.

We put it to the test.

The pictures at the top are from a recent local hardscape construction site where the new system was used. This is a general rundown of the basic steps involved.

  1. After your excavation and leveling are complete you will install your gravel base just as you normally would. 
  2. Next, you install the hardscape Grid in sheets, cutting it to size after it’s laid out.
  3. Fill it with sand, gravel or aggregate of your choice. In our project we used sand. Here’s the beauty of the grid when working with sand or fine gravel. To level the grid you simply lift up on it allowing some of the material to flow through it. The construction of the grid is such that it now sits firmly on top of the material that you allowed to sift through. This makes it extremely fast to level your project. No more need to use long, straight boards to screed the surface. Easy.
  4. On top of the Soil Grid, you can install a geo-textile underlayment mat if you choose, which can help reduce any sliding or movement of pavers during the installation. And boom! You’re ready to install your pavers. You can also still use polymeric sand if you wish.

Benefits of Using the Silca System

  • You can save up to 50% on base reduction in the excavation.
  • Save up to 40% in labor costs.
  • You get a wider pin-point load dispersal.
  • You’ll have fewer warranty call-backs due to pavers shifting and settling.
  • It is sustainable, efficient, and profitable.
  • You get heavy-duty, permeable base stabilization.
  • Your completed installations will support vehicle traffic.
  • The interlocking system is easy to install.
  • It comes in pre-connected sheets of 52” X 39” for faster installation.


So, to recap, the Silca SoilGrid saves time. Even though it seems like you’re adding an expense to the installation of your patio, walks, driveway, or other hardscapes, you need to realize that you are saving significant time which means you’re saving money. Plus, you also save on your base material cost. And finally, your surface is much stronger and more stable without the common settling and sagging that can happen with traditional base installations.

Are you ready to build a stronger hardscape while saving time and money?

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