Some Stone Fireplace Surround Ideas You’ll Love

Natural stone facade and wood hearth for a fireplace

If you want to add value to the overall beauty and warmth of your home, incorporate a Stone Fireplace SurroundRenovating a fireplace is a brilliant idea. It will provide a gathering point for nights out, and make a marvelous focal point in your home. Your family and guests will naturally gravitate to it and will hang around a fireplace for warmth, drinks, and conversations.

It is also worth noting that real estate agents agree that renovating with an attractive, natural stone fireplace facade can greatly increase the value of your home. This makes a “fireplace facelift” a worthy investment. So if you want to carry out a fireplace renovation, natural stone veneer panels make a great choice because they are inexpensive to install and maintain.

The following are some stone fireplace surround ideas you may love.

Stacked Stone Fireplace

When properly done, a stacked stone veneer can offer a timeless look to your homestead. A stacked fireplace will turn that plain space into an incredibly warm and appealing place. With the best stone veneer in Columbia, MO from Southwest Stone Supply, you can achieve that exquisite look at a pocket-friendly cost. Natural stone veneer offers one of the best choices to help you totally transform your home.

Fireplace Stone in the Perfect Colors and Styles

The stone color and design of your fireplace surround are of great importance. Be it a colonial, contemporary, old-world, or modern fireplace, you have to take into consideration its visual appearance. Using natural stone is the best option for such projects because the use of rock veneer introduces modifications in an organic and authentic manner.

Stone Veneer Fireplaces The Easy Way

If you have recently renovated your home, it’s important that you also seriously think about a new fireplace surround. Having a worn down, traditional full bed masonry veneer can greatly lessen the aesthetics of your renovated home. And let’s face it, sometimes bricks look great and sometimes they don’t. However, whether you install a natural or a manufactured stone veneer, this will help in ensuring that you maintain the appealing traditional stone look. But, you will eliminate the thickness and weight that comes with a full-bed installation.

At Southwest Stone Supply, we provide the best natural stone veneer and custom hearths that will help you turn your dream fireplace into a reality. 

Stone veneer fireplace surround installed with an electric fireplace

FAQ: What is the best material for a fireplace surround?

The warmth from a cozy fireplace can be quite helpful for your energy bills and comfort during the colder seasons. For the best fireplace surround material, we recommend that you should opt for a natural stone vs. faux stone veneer. This is because natural stone lasts longer, has more elegance, and it’s an all-round efficient fireplace material. Additionally, natural stone has the ability to retain more heat compared to all other materials that can be used around fireplaces. You don’t have to carry out lots of maintenance on natural stone, and you certainly won’t have to worry about it wearing out.

Compared to other materials like steel and brick, natural stone handles extreme temperatures better. It is not prone to rot or mold, which ensures that it maintains its appealing look all year round.

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Whether you want to renovate an old fireplace or are looking to install a new one, our team of experts will walk you through the entire decision-making process. Additionally, if you are still not sure about what style, color, or design to choose for your stone fireplace surround, we will work to help you make the best choice for your needs. And if you’re concerned about stone veneer prices you’re likely to find the best prices in Mid-Missouri when you shop with us.

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