6 Tips for Choosing Patio Stones for Homeowners in Osage Beach

Stone patio surrounded by lush green grass, with a fire pit and stone table

It’s refreshing and relaxing to spend time outside. It’s even better if you’ve got a beautiful outdoor living space at home. If you don’t have one, maybe it’s time for an outdoor renovation.

On average, Americans spend over $400 billion dollars a year on repairing and renovating their homes. Are you in the Osage Beach area? Is your backyard calling out for a backyard kitchen, new pool deck, or an awesome new patio?

If so, keep reading for 6 tips for choosing patio stones for your new backyard upgrade!

1. Start With a Budget

This isn’t the fun part but it is important. Take the first step: set your budget first. So now you’ll know how much money you’ve got to work with. 

Take measurements of the area and calculate approximately how many pavers you’ll need. The people at the stone supply store can help determine what type of stones will work best for your budget and type of project.

2. Bring a Few Samples Home

You might see some pavers you love at the stone supply store but that doesn’t mean you’ll love them in your yard. Always pick up a few samples and make sure to include several types. 

Lay the pavers out in the area where your new patio will be. Make sure you wet them down as well, because pavers can look much darker when wet.

3. Go Green

There are many types of eco-conscious pavers available. Permeable pavers are great because they let water flow through, offering water run-off reduction. 

The use of interlocking pavers are great for providing increased design flexibility.

4. Thick or Thin

There are so many types of landscape pavers that it can make choosing tough! Some pavers are thin tiles while others are thick pavers. 

Take note of your home’s architectural features and make sure your pavers match the style of your home. Thin landscape tiles are elegant and are perfect for pool decks, paths, and patios. 

Thicker brick pavers have a more rustic feel but also look great with Mediterranean-themed architecture. You’re only limited by your imagination!

5. The Climate

If you’re in Osage Beach, choose patio stones that withstand extreme changes in temperature and weather. Natural stone is the best, but brick and concrete pavers also work well for this type of climate. They hold up well in freezing and thawing weather conditions.

6. Pay Attention to Design

Make sure the design you like works well for your yard. Is your yard small? Choosing wide pavers can make your yard look even smaller.

Do you have a huge yard? Wide pavers often work well in that situation. You can always intersperse pavers or tiles with gravel, mulch, plants, and wood chips. 

Be sure to choose colors that work well with your home’s colors.

Choosing Patio Stones for Outdoor Living

Choosing patio stones for a new patio, pool, or outdoor kitchen really is a fun project! Always start with a budget and then bring home a few samples.

Take note of your home’s colors, yard size, and other features, and make sure the pavers work well aesthetically. 

There are lots of green options and stones for every type of situation. Decide whether you want thin tiles or thick concrete or brick pavers. Remember to take your climate into consideration. 

Make sure the design you love works well with the size of your yard. Now you’re good to go!

Are you ready for your new outdoor living space? Contact us for help with your patio stones.

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