Top 5 Reasons to Use Decorative Landscape Gravel

Forget the changing seasons, decorative landscape gravel can change your thinking about gardening or landscaping forever.

For homeowners looking to breathe new life into a yard or garden, gravel can open up new landscaping ideas and provide additional benefits as well. Gravel is a fantastic way to improve drainage, cut down on maintenance, and change the aesthetics of your landscaping or garden area.

Here are the top 5 reasons to use decorative landscape gravel in your yard or garden.

1. Take It Easy

An extensive lawn or garden can prove to be a bit of a challenge if you lack a green thumb. In these situations, a low-maintenance solution like decorative gravel can keep your garden looking its best all year round, and with little upkeep.

While flowerbeds need weeding, and your decking or paving may need a frequent powerwash, gravel can often just look after itself. For the best in low-maintenance gravel, be sure to choose darker options that will show less dirt over time.

2. “Water-Way” to Go!

(See what we did there? 😁)  If you live in a flood-prone area or one that experiences frequent, heavy rainfall, you can often find your yard or garden waterlogged. That’s true whether you pave your outdoor space or leave it to grow wild.

In contrast, water drains quickly through gravel, which keeps your yard puddle-free. You can even combine colorful gravel with landscaping to create passive, dedicated drainage for your garden, protecting it from costly damage.

3. Take Control

If you use your outdoor space as a place to entertain or relax, then you need a way to create space suitable for the job.

Gravel is an excellent way to shape your space, creating paths and open areas that will remain free of plant growth. Gravel can help to limit the unwanted growth of grass and weeds, too, giving you a new level of control by separating areas of greenery from areas for traffic.

4. Dirt Cheap

A garden can turn out to be quite the money pit if you intend to keep it looking great. To avoid bringing down your home’s aesthetics and curbside appeal, you may need to pump cash into your outdoor areas on a seasonal basis.

With gravel, you can create a lasting appeal that won’t demand continued cash injections in the form of fertilizer, seeds, and gardening work. You can use gravel to create a one-and-done landscaping job, leaving you to enjoy your new yard without worrying about the costs involved.

5. Many Options

One of the more subtle advantages of decorative gravel is the sheer range of options in unlocks for your landscaping.

You might choose to cover the yard in gravel and limit the green elements to planters and pots. 

You might create winding paths among beds of wildflowers. Or you might use pea gravel to create a contrasting aesthetic of zen gardens and areas of growth. 

Decorative rock is flexible and can be used to create almost any landscaping idea you want.

Decorative Landscape Gravel for a Better Garden

Decorative landscape gravel could be the finishing touch for your yard or garden. Whether you’re in it for the easy upkeep, a dignified modern finish, or extra drainage, landscape gravel has a lot to offer.

Looking for more ideas for landscaping with gravel? You can find some of our best ideas here.

Searching for decorative landscape gravels?

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