Patio Landscaping to Maximize Your Backyard

Expanding your living space and having more room to entertain guests in your backyard is easy.  Yes, when the weather permits, it’s a great spot to hang out and enjoy the company and the outdoors. There are many patio design ideas and solutions to choose from that will suit just about any need. And why not make your living space unique and gorgeous, all at the same time, by using natural stone as the main building component? Then you can further enhance the overall look of the stone by decorating with the right patio furniture, flowers, cushions, or pillows.

The decision to improve or increase your outdoor living space is a great way to bring your indoors outside.  Many people like to continue the flow of their indoor look right out onto their patio or outdoor living room. Or, you can make your outdoor area a totally unique space that has its own look and feel to it.  Another option is to add an outdoor kitchen area on your patio as a fun way to entertain guests and enjoy a good meal with your family.  

Likewise, there are all kinds of outdoor furniture choices that will help to complete the look as well.  Of course, you can always go with the classic style of patio furniture; it always seems to work in just about any space.  However, there are also some styles available that are so nice that they look as if they belong in the living room. And though this living room style furniture is waterproof, it should still be taken in during the deep winter months to help preserve its beauty.

Make the Space your Own

Orange patio furniture on a natural stone tile patioEven the most basic patio furniture works nicely with attractive flagstone or paver patios, or with your other beautiful outdoor living areas as well.  Some people prefer more comfortable outdoor furniture with color and thick padding. The bottom line is that this is a space that is yours to design and to decorate. 

There are no real rules for decorating your patio area, but finding just the right look and feel for your taste and to express your own personal touch is important. You can also cozy up the space by adding attractive rugs, pillows, and other accents.  This is a great way to complement the natural stone look and to add extra splashes of color. 

Patio Lighting

Another great option to think about when designing your outdoor living space is the lighting.  There are various LED lighting options from larger, make-a-statement kind of lighting to wire string lights that offer more of a light and airy feel.  While some prefer subtle lighting, others like an area to be bright and cheerful. Either way, lighting gives your living space a bit of ambient warmth and makes it more inviting later on in the evening.

Plan a Focal Point

Some patio installations or upgrades start with planning a focal point for the space. This can be an outdoor bar or kitchen area, a fire pit or fire table, or simply a seating area.  If it is a seating area you most likely will want some sort of cooking space there as well, even if only a grill or small backyard kitchen set up off to the side.

Next, you’ll want to choose what type of patio stones you want to use. While concrete pavers, or even brick pavers, can be a little more cost-effective, flagstone pavers really offer some really intriguing design possibilities. They give you greater flexibility because of each piece’s uniquely individual shape and color.

Choose your Patio Pavers

There are lots of materials available for patio construction. That being said, the hot trend for homeowners the past few years has been to use patio pavers. Not only do you get stunning design versatility, but the maintenance, repairs, and durability of good quality pavers are nothing short of amazing in comparison to wood decks or concrete slabs.

Flagstone Patio Pavers

Traditional patio furniture on a flagstone patio.In addition to the increased design opportunities and character which flagstone brings to your space, it is also a relatively easy natural stone to work with. Its pieces tend to be fairly large, flat and thin. In addition to your patio area, you can consider using flagstone for paths and walkways to and from your patio.  It can even be used in steps, walls and to create seating areas. The range of color is wide, including brown, blue, reds and pinks, orange and golds, and varieties of beige to white. In addition, you can include other types and colors of patio pavers in your layout, giving you a wide palette for creativity. And because flagstone pavers are so individually unique, you will never have two designs that look exactly the same.

For many homeowners, patio paver cost is an issue. Since flagstone is extremely durable, over the years you will actually save money compared to using less durable and more costly materials. You can lay it dry with small decorative gravel filler, or allow grass, moss or other ground covers to grow up in between the pavers. So for rounded patios, and for large or small patios, we highly recommend that you consider using flagstone pavers.

Brick and Concrete Pavers

When planning a new patio, the possible designs and uses for pavers are seemingly limitless. Concrete pavers and patio bricks are not what often comes to mind for some people when they hear words like “concrete” or “brick”. These beautiful masonry blocks come in a variety of textures and colors, and even with mixtures of color throughout the block. So it’s very easy to get creative and to create an outdoor living area you’ll love. You can find many beautiful patio designs online as people share their handiwork.

Design Accents

We’re seeing in many outdoor spaces that people really like to change up the visual accents.  For example, if you have a uniform brick paver floor then the couches should be more curved and flowing.  And likewise, if you have a rounded patio area or lots of flowing design in your patio stones, then using furniture that is more square offers quite a stylish look. This creates some beautiful eye-catching contrast to the area. 

Don’t forget your greens!

And, finally, ensure that you bring in a bit of nature.  Not just with the beautiful natural stones, but by adding some natural plants around to soften the edges.  Adding a small herb garden can be functional as well as adding a nice scent to the room. And, of course, flowers are always a great addition, and here they don’t have to be in a vase to enjoy!!

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