xeriscape garden with easy-care plants and decorative gravel

Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space With These DIY Outdoor Projects

The average American spends 93% of their life inside. Are you part of this demographic and do you wish to spend more time outdoors? Then you’re probably wondering how to improve your backyard so it’s a more enjoyable space. Here are a few ways to upgrade your outdoor living space with some easy DIY outdoor […]

Woman wearing rubber glove and painting her house

Top Weekend Home Improvement Projects for Lake of the Ozarks Homes

Many home renovations cost thousands of dollars to complete and weeks of work, but sometimes we want to create a big change in our home without breaking the bank (or our backs). That’s why strategic DIY outside projects are a perfect choice. They’re quick, efficient, and easy on the budget, all while making your home […]

Beautiful green grass in the summer

Why Your Lake of the Ozarks Home Needs Black Beauty Grass Seed

The grass is always greener! Just about every homeowner would love to have a lush, green lawn, but few people would say that they’re really easy to maintain. From insects to encroaching weeds to brown areas, there is no shortage of common lawn problems to overcome. Black Beauty grass seed, however, is making lawn maintenance […]

Person's hands installing natural thin stone veneer tile on an exterior wall

Installing a Thin Stone Veneer? Here’s What You Should Know!

Whether you are a proud homeowner or selling your house, curb appeal is undoubtedly important to you. One study concluded that houses with a strong curb appeal sell for up to 14% more than other listed homes. Most homeowners know the basics of improving curb appeal. They are already doing things like power washing, painting, […]

Contractor installing natural stone tiles on floor

Floored: Your Guide to the Best Natural Stone Tiles for Floors

Stone has become one of the most desirable materials for home improvement enthusiasts of late. As a result of this, analysts expect the natural stone industry to grow by 6.8 Trillion metric tons before 2025. If you’d like to update your home in line with this trend, these are the five most popular stone choices […]

Landscaper placing rock in landscaping project at Lake of the Ozarks

Love Landscaping? Here’s What Materials Are Used in Landscaping!

Love Landscaping? Here’s What Materials Are Used in Landscaping! (More recent articles…) Many of us would like to have a better looking or more functional lawn or backyard. People often hire landscapers to do this job since they’re able to offer planning, skilled labor, and materials that are needed for big projects. However, there are […]

A backyard landscape with decorative rock in Columbia, Missouri

The Top 5 Overlooked Benefits of Decorative Rock Landscaping

The Top 5 Overlooked Benefits of Decorative Rock Landscaping The benefits of installing decorative rocks are superior to other options. (More recent articles…) Decorative rocks can give your home instant curb appeal with that well-manicured lawn and landscape look. While many types of landscaping involve plants that must be replanted season to season, you can […]

Person running their hand over their beautiful lawn

Essential Tips for Great Spring Lawn Care

Essential Tips for Great Spring Lawn Care Photo by Dudarev Mikhail at Adobe Stock (More recent articles…) People love their lawns in this country. Indeed, Americans spend over $36 billion on lawn care every year. Since people care so much about their lawns, we want to make sure your yard is looking better than ever. […]

Natural stone steps and boulders in a designer landscape in Columbia, Missouri

5 Fool-Proof Tips to Get the Best Natural Stone Landscaping

5 Fool-Proof Tips to Get the Best Natural Stone Landscaping (More recent articles…) Do you feel like something is missing from your yard? Adding natural stone will instantly give your landscape a facelift. Not only are rocks and landscape gravel highly affordable, but they can also add a bit of color and ambiance to any […]

Large two-story home with natural thin stone veneer and large porch

The Best Benefits of Natural Thin Stone Veneer

The Best Benefits of Natural Thin Stone Veneer Castle Rock Natural Stone Veneer adds some serious rustic beauty to this home! (More recent articles…) If you’re looking for a way to update your home with natural stone elements, then natural thin stone veneer is the way to go. Simple home renovations are an excellent way […]