Decorative Landscape Stone Brings Beauty to Your Backyard

Image of a winding path of decorative landscape stone surrounded by bright green grass.

If you want to add beauty, functionality, and enduring style to your landscape, decorative stone is the way to go. Some refer to it as decorative gravel, which comes in many sizes, colors, and shapes. However, other rock types are sometimes referred to as decorative landscape stone. But with so many options to choose from, where do you start? This article will guide you through everything you need to know!

What is Decorative Landscape Stone?

Decorative landscape stones are natural stones that enhance the look of your yard, garden, or outdoor living areas. They go beyond simple functionality and focus on visual appeal, adding color, texture, and dimension.

Why Choose Decorative Landscape Stone?

  • Aesthetics: Instantly elevate your landscape with the natural beauty of stone.
  • Low Maintenance: Unlike mulch, decorative stones won’t decompose and need replacing as frequently.
  • Weed Suppression: A layer of stone helps prevent pesky weeds.
  • Erosion Control: Stones stabilize soil and reduce erosion in sloped areas.

Versatility: Countless applications – from pathways and borders to water features and dry creek beds.

Types of Decorative Stone at Southwest Stone Supply

Natural Stone: We offer a vast selection of natural stones, including river rock, pea gravel, lava rock, Mexican beach pebbles, crushed stone, flagstone, boulders, and much more. Each type has its unique character, color variations, and textures.

Backyard of house on sunny day. Image shows decorative landscape stone laid out nicely in the yard, complimenting the house's exterior.

Designing with Decorative Stone

  • Style: Match the stone to your landscape’s style. Warm-toned river rocks for a rustic feel, sleek pea gravel for a modern look, or dramatic flagstone for a statement.
  • Color: Consider how stone color will complement your home’s exterior, plants, and other landscape elements.

Size & Shape: Choose sizes and shapes appropriate for the project. Small gravel for ground cover, stepping stones for paths, and boulders as accents.

Installation Tips

  • Prepare the Site: Remove weeds, level the ground, and install edging if needed.
  • Determine Depth: 2-3 inches is typical for ground cover, deeper for areas with foot traffic.
  • Arrange for Appeal: Play with stone placement for a natural look.

Secure if Necessary: Use edging or anchoring methods to prevent shifting.

Keeping Your Stones Beautiful

Occasional rinsing or light raking is usually all that’s needed to keep your decorative landscape gravel looking fantastic. For larger rocks, a simple rinse will often do the trick. If you have something that needs a little more cleaning, water with a soft brush does a great job cleaning natural stone.

Decorative landscape stone surrounding a Mix of different varieties of dwarf barberry.

Sourcing the Best Decorative Stone

As Mid-Missouri’s leading landscape stone supplier, Southwest Stone Supply is your one-stop shop! We offer an unbeatable selection, expert advice, and convenient delivery options. Visit us to find the perfect stones for your project.

Inspiration and Ideas

Need more inspiration? Browse our website’s idea galleries (see the main menu) or visit our showroom to see stunning examples of decorative stone in use.

Turn your landscaping dreams into reality with decorative landscape stones from Southwest Stone Supply!

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