How to Choose the Best Landscaping Stones

Beautiful natural landscaping rocks and flower beds in summer. Scenic view of landscaped part with plants and stones in yard or backyard of residential house.

The use of the right kind of landscaping stones offers a wonderful way to add value and beauty to your property. There are lots of different types of landscaping stone to choose from which provide an upscale home improvement accessory. Many homeowners enjoy landscaping stone because it adds an elegant touch to any yard or landscape.

There are many reasons why using natural stone is the best way to improve your landscape, and some of those reasons are listed below.


A large number of popular landscaping stones come from old granite quarries around the world. These natural landscape rocks are more expensive luxury choices for your home or property, but they can be very well worth it in the end. Due to the aesthetic quality of this magnificent stone, you may never want to buy any other type of rock again!

Granite is a great investment because it is a harder stone than most, which means that it is worth every single penny. Plus, you can expect granite to easily last a lifetime, which makes it a great choice for flagstone, stone steps,  patios, tiles, and natural granite stepping stones for walks and pathways.

Walkways and Paths

One of the biggest benefits of using stepping stones is that you won’t have to deal with the difficult task of digging holes to create your walkway. Sometimes, however, DIYers will scoop out a little dirt to make room for some sand and levelling. Others simply place the steppers where they want them.

Decorative gravel is another perfect material to use for walkways because it is extremely easy to maintain. You can just rake up the gravel and move it around. We do highly recommend installing a high-quality fabric weed barrier beneath your gravel. This will help keep your path weed-free and easy to maintain for years to come.

Simulated Water Features

A popular element in many landscapes is to add river rock that is reminiscent of a creek or a small pond. You can also add smaller boulders and stones to create a bridge or small pond. And if you do have a small stream of water that comes into your yard, it’s a good idea to line it with both small rocks and larger stones so that the water and stone elements flow together naturally. Additionally, a dry creek can be an effective way to manage water drainage issues in your yard.


Did you know that landscaping with boulders can also be a great way to create naturalized drainage? When you are using these large landscaping rocks, you can include pebbles and other rocks of various sizes to help divert and channel water to areas in your yard that drain properly.

If you have an area where large amounts of water sometimes rush into your yard, you may be able to place large boulders to create a barrier that breaks the water flow, allowing you to more easily divert the water to drain off more gently. Using small boulders in this way can also be greatly beneficial.

In addition, boulders can help trap debris and make it easier to clean up after a storm. And if you have dirt and debris on graveled areas, you can often use a garden hose or depend on your sprinkler system to clean up your garden pebbles.

If you need something more substantial for erosion control, there are several different types of boulder or ledge stone retaining walls that can be built.

If you want landscape boulders for a garden accent or a water feature, you should experiment with them to see how they will lay best before permanently placing them. You need to make sure the boulders are completely stable before you allow people or animals to get near them.

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Improvements Over Time

Another benefit of using decorative landscaping stone in your yard is that you can easily use them to add to and improve your landscape over time. Homeowners will sometimes begin with a stately, large boulder. Then, as time and budget allow, they slowly add more decorative landscaping rocks and gravels to create a rock garden around it. Or they may choose to plant a nice flower garden with mulches or gravels to add to the aesthetic around the landscape boulder.

Your Landscape Purposes

The type of landscaping rocks you use will depend on the specific purposes you are wanting to achieve in your landscape. If you want to manage different elevations in your yard or do some serious erosion control retaining walls are likely going to be your solution. If you want to construct pleasant and useful walkways or define a garden, then stepping stones or decorative landscaping gravel may be the answer. For majestic accents, boulders make an excellent choice. For gathering areas such as patios or outdoor living spaces, then flagstone, pavers, or outdoor stone tiles are the likely choices for you.

Whatever your need, you can easily find landscaping rocks for sale by visiting home improvement stores. Or, just search landscaping rocks near me, order online, and have your product delivered.

Home Renovation and Designs

Rock is not just used for landscaping anymore. Stone has always been a popular addition to give homes and businesses a more upscale feel and ambiance. Whether it’s stone flooring, counter tops, or thin stone veneer, natural rock adds both elegance and rustic charm at the same time!

So, whether you’re renovating, updating, or building a new home, whatever your needs and wishes, Southwest Stone Supply can help make your dreams come true. Give us a call today for personalized expertise and first-class customer service.

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