Add Lasting Value to Your Home with Glamour Stone Veneer

Let’s be honest, if you really wish for the appearance of your home or business to be distinct from your neighbors or competitors, you need to enhance your property with the kind of touch that truly creates an impression. Natural stone is one of those stately accents that truly elevates the presence and aesthetic statement of your home. And Glamour Stone Veneer is the new best-in-class standard that will give your office, business or home that refined, high-end appearance that will “wow” those who see it.

The use of natural thin stone veneer is steadily becoming a very popular means to make one’s home or commercial business properties stand out from the rest. And its use greatly augments both the exterior and the interior of any type of property it graces. This is because the appearance of natural stone siding immensely adds to the visual interest of any building.


One of the top questions searched on Google is, “Does stone veneer add value to your home?” The answer is a resounding, “Yes!”  Because real stone siding looks both earthy and elegant at the same time. This provides tremendous curb appeal for your house, which is exactly what homeowners want when it’s time to sell. Additionally, it is equally important for you to enjoy the time you will still spend living in your home.

Glamour Stone Veneer is a Specialty Product

Homeowners or builders looking to improve both the value and the curb appeal of their property may want to seriously consider this newest premiere rock siding to hit the market. Glamour Stone Veneer is an amazing “best of the best” product. It contains brilliant mica sparkles throughout that dazzle when the sunshine hits it or when interior spots are turned on it. This elite siding will multiply the perception of quality and desirability to your home, office, or business. This level of appeal is what causes properties to sell faster and usually above what other properties are bringing. And when a faux stone veneer is simply not good enough, then this real stone siding is a look you can be proud of.

Exquisite Rock Siding for House Exteriors

To make real stone veneers, the rocks are sawn thin and are then installed in patterns displaying a wide range in coloration and varieties of texture. The untrained eye simply can’t discern that rock veneer siding is not really full-sized rocks.

And because they’re lightweight, thin stone veneers can be used in places that wouldn’t be able to handle the weight of full-bed stone or brick. In addition, it is also sometimes available in pre-arranged pieces or sections adhered to a backing, known as stone veneer panels. This further decreases time and cost for installation. These are available for interior projects, and can also be used as stone veneer exterior panels for your house. So for your construction or remodeling project, if you are looking at using natural stone for house exterior siding, you will find that you have a variety of options available to you. Just ask your favorite supplier about what may be the best choice for you.

Also, be sure to check with your contractor about his knowledge and expertise for installing stone veneer. If he is not experienced with some positive referrals then it’s probably a good idea to find a contractor with installation expertise.

To make real stone veneers, the rocks are sawn thin and are then installed in patterns displaying a wide range in coloration and varieties of texture. The untrained eye simply can’t discern that rock veneer siding is not really full-sized rocks.

Stone Veneer products are versatile.

People often want to use stone veneer but they aren’t sure where. We’ve become accustomed to seeing them all around us on building exteriors that one may forget how versatile they are for home interior walls, too.

Installing stone veneer on an accent wall can create stunning beauty.

Accent Walls

There are many varieties of hue and mixed coloration making natural rock very design-friendly. The use of more muted tones can bring balance and refinement to rooms with bold colors. Likewise, you can get a nice pop of color or texture for areas with more neutral tones.

The use of natural stone on accent walls is quite popular for this very reason. And as in the picture, if you direct some lighting onto it, it really pops. And even more so when using Glamour stone. The crystalline mica in the rock lights up and sparkles with  dazzling little pinpoints of light.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor entertainment areas present another great opportunity for installing stone veneer. You can add a rustic or sophisticated facing on your outdoor fireplace, or you can opt for thin stone veneer panels on the front of an outdoor bar or room. And for an added touch of grace, you can pair it with your cabinetry and countertops in an outdoor kitchen.

Stone Veneer on Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets


Installing rock siding on your columns creates a beautiful accent around the front of your home or porch areas. Combine it with a stone wainscoting exterior veneer for a classy upgrade or remodeling project.

7 Benefits of Glamour Stone Veneer

Today, home renovations often feature the artistic use of real stone veneers to highlight and enhance certain areas of a home. And because the task of choosing the best finishing materials can be daunting for some homeowners, those who decide on using Glamour Stone Veneer will have certain definite benefits.

  1. First, glamour stone siding installs handily over the top of most surfaces without compatibility problems. This includes most ordinary construction materials like wood, concrete, drywall, metal, and even brick. Since it offers such versatility, installing stone veneer is a popular choice among both builders and property owners.
  2. Glamour thin stone veneer weighs less than other stone, brick or concrete building materials. So when it is installed it adds much less weight to the walls and foundation of the property. And as an added bonus, it’s easier to handle and costs less than other materials to ship to job sites or to distributors. And speaking of cost-effectiveness, the thin veneer is also less expensive than full-bed natural stone.
  3. One interesting benefit that is easily overlooked is that veneer is somewhat flexible (in a manner of speaking), so it can be used for curved or rounded spaces. Therefore, it is also more convenient to install in areas that are more complicated.  And because it can be more handily cut to fit how you need it, shaping thin stone veneer into the required size and contour is just easier.
  4. Stone veneer is design-friendly. It offers such a vast range of color, style, pattern, and texture that matching your home’s style and your favored decorating motif is easy. Moreover, its color is consistent throughout and it is color-fast so it doesn’t fade or lose its luster despite intense weather conditions such as extreme rain, sun, and heat. So unlike cheap faux stone siding panels, it will continue to look superb for a long, long time.
  5. Natural stone veneer is perfect for upgrading the appearance of both indoor and outdoor fireplaces. And since it is real rock, the pieces are highly resistant to heat making it a smart choice for safety. Plus you acquire the custom stone look for your fireplace that so many homeowners find desirable.
  6. Stone veneer is one of the most maintenance-free building materials you can use. Still, as with any building material, there is some minor maintenance to be done. You’ll want to inspect the mortar from time to time, and you will want to clean it occasionally as well. But you will need only warm water and dish soap to make your own mild detergent to clean your veneer, and then you simply wash it with a sponge or soft brush. Then follow that with a clean water rinse to remove any soapy residue to keep your veneer looking beautiful.
  7. For most homeowners, emerging as the single greatest benefit above and beyond all those we’ve already mentioned is the amazing beauty and elegance that Glamour Stone Veneer brings to your living space, inside and out.

Glamour Stone Veneer: A Smart Investment

And so, if you are looking to add value and elegance to your business or home and you are one who loves and appreciates the timeless appeal of real stone, then you may want to consider installing stone veneer. And furthermore, if you have a desire for an even more artistic grandeur for your home or office, then Glamour Stone Veneer may indeed be the right choice for you.

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