Why Patio Pavers Are So Popular

The family home is regarded as a sacred place for you and your family, a fortress of solitude if you will. For as long as man can remember, we have been trying to build the best home possible. We all want one that suits our needs and allows us to relax from the rigors of life, let go of our everyday stresses, where we can enjoy our family and a little downtime.

Outdoor patio furniture arranged in an outdoor space built with multi-colored pavers.
Pavers offer attractive color options for patio designs

With this in mind, various home beautification methods have been used throughout the years. Wood has been a popular material for a very long time, and this popularity was extended outside of the house when outdoor extensions of the home began to appear. From verandas to decks, wood was prevalent. But then came the patio. This was something totally different because it employed a layer of concrete to create an outdoor area for dining and other activities.

But now another trend has appeared which gives homeowners much better control over how we can style the patio to match our preferences. Unlike concrete, which is just a big, grey slab near the house, paver designs can be modeled to suit the homeowner’s preferences. So whether we are considering colors, patterns or even random placement, these are already three more options that what concrete slabs provide.

Are outdoor pavers better than concrete for patios?

While there are more factors that can come into play here, we’re going to address the 3 top reasons that more homeowners around mid-Missouri and the entire U.S. are defaulting to the use of paver stones for the construction of their patio areas.

1. Greater Design Versatility

Outdoor pavers are modern patio stones that exist in many different forms. These forms exist in terms of color, shapes, sizes, texture and much more. Because of these many attributes, it is possible for a homeowner to put on their designer hat and mix and match the different attributes to fit a particular style of their liking. Your paver designs can range from simple and understated to exotic beauty in color, pattern, and dimension. Then add an outdoor kitchen or pool and install some nice outdoor lighting and you have a private little paradise you can visit anytime you like.

2. Durability and Longevity

Although the term “pavers” may make one imagine the kind of rocks the Romans used to build roads, our modern versions actually range from natural flagstone pavers to those constructed of brick or concrete. These are made from the strongest materials on earth. This strength means they will last a very long while when properly installed.

3. Better Suited for Different Climates

If you live in an area with either extreme temperature swings, like in Columbia, MO or Lake of the Ozarks for instance, you will be familiar with this phenomenon. The ground itself will contract during the cold weather, and then expand when the area heats back up. This is the reason why roads form cracks in them that have to be repaired over and over again.

Patio made from natural flagstone pavers at a home near Columbia, Missouri.
Flagstone is one of the more popular natural stone choices for patios and outdoor living spaces.

With a concrete patio, troublesome cracks can develop. Simply stated, this is because concrete slabs have extremely limited elasticity when it comes to contraction and expansion. You can end up having to do a lot of repair work, or even busting out the patio and starting fresh.

However, with patio pavers, there are seams throughout the patio as the blocks interlock. With the changes in weather causing the ground to expand or contract, the patio stones flex individually. This means they require far less maintenance than a solid concrete slab. And if one does get out of place, repairing it requires only a matter of minutes with minimal expense to the homeowner. So pavers cost very little when it comes to normal repair or maintenance.

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Key Takeaway

These are just but a few reasons why patio pavers are so popular. It is the flexibility they afford homeowners, as well as the durability and the simplicity that are valued by both contractors and homeowners.

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