When to Apply Lawn Fertilizer for the Best Grass?

A gardener is pushing a lawn fertilizer spreader to fertilize the backyard lawn.

A beautifully maintained lawn is a joy to watch and sink your feet into. Fertilizers are essential for properly growing and maintaining a green and healthy lawn. They give the grass the nutrients it needs to grow green and thick. 

However, most people do not care much about lawn fertilization as they are unaware of when to apply them for the best results. What makes things worse is that if the fertilizer is not applied correctly and at the right time, it can do more harm than good. 

When Should You Apply Fertilizer to Your Lawn?

Ideally, lawn fertilizer needs to be applied four times a year – in early spring, late spring, summer, and then autumn. Here is a detailed lawn fertilizer schedule along with its reasons.

Early Spring

During the winter seasons, your lawn grass is deprived of nutrients. Thus, during the start of the spring (between March and April), your lawn needs to be fertilized to encourage healthy growth. It will help revive its roots and strengthen them so it can withstand the stress of the coming summer months.

Late Spring

The second feeding should happen about six to eight weeks after the first application in around May or June. Make sure there is a minimum gap to prevent over-fertilizing your lawn. It ensures your lawn gets all the nutrients it needs through summer. Fertilizing in the Spring will also ensure you keep the weed issues in check.


Lawn care in the summertime is only about maintaining the grass and ensuring that the grass is strong enough to handle the summer heat. If you fertilize your lawn twice in the spring, you only need to apply soil food so that it can absorb nutrients for the entire summer. You may need to loosen the hard soil and balance the pH level to promote grass growth.


September or October is the perfect time to fertilize your grasses for the cool season. Since the summer may have caused significant stress on your lawn, it is important to repair the damage so they can survive the winters. Adding fertilizer during this time will ensure your grass gets all the nutrition it needs and prevent certain winter grass diseases.

Grass fertilizer is being applied to a green lawn in the Springtime.

Which Fertilizers Should I Use?

There are many types of lawn fertilizers in the market. The best fertilizers for your lawn are slow-release. It ensures the grass gets green but does not grow quicker than necessary. Before starting the process, you need to check the soil’s pH level. You can base the fertilizer mixer based on the results. For example, if the test shows high potassium in the soil, you can look for a fertilizer with a low potassium content. We highly recommend Jonathan Green lawn care products.

Enjoy Your Beautiful Green Lawn

Using the lawn fertilizer schedule and tips mentioned above, you can now apply the fertilizer properly and give your lawn everything it needs to flourish. If you are unsure, you can take the help of a professional. They have the experience and expertise to give you the lawn of your dreams. 

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