Versatile Outdoor Fireplace DIY Kits

An outdoor fireplace built from a DIY kit accents a sunny outdoor kitchen area.

Patio Living at Lake of the Ozarks (and Beyond!)

Fulfilling your dream of a patio fireplace is closer than you think. Patio living at Lake of the Ozarks can be part of your lifestyle all year long with the addition of a beautiful, functional stone fireplace. Bring your indoor living out to your patio for entertaining and everyday living. A DIY stone fireplace kit can offer a new outdoor cooking experience, and you can enjoy its glow as it warms you on a snowy day. 

Plus, even if you live anywhere else in the lower 48 states, you can have one of these amazing fireplace kits shipped to your door!

DIY Outdoor Project for a New Fireplace

Perhaps you’ve never considered building your own fireplace as a DIY outdoor project, but it can be closer than you think. Whether for your vacation home at Lake of the Ozarks or your year-round residence, you can put your own personal touch on a stone fireplace that will enhance your home’s value and aesthetics.

A DIY fireplace kit can be a joint effort when you put it together as a family project. It will mean so much to each of you when you are finished and can reap the benefits of your accomplishment. Your completed masterpiece, with or without another DIY outdoor project, could become the new gathering place for friends and family as a safe outdoor space to be together for food and drink.

Easy-to-Follow Directions

A do-it-yourself novice or pro can feel confident assembling a DIY stone fireplace kit. The directions take you step-by-step from taking inventory of the pieces to putting every piece together until it is completed. The instructions will be unique to the style of fireplace you have chosen, be it a firepit, standing fireplace with an optional hearth and mantel, or a model that is open from the front and back for more enjoyment. A double-sided fireplace (also known as a see-through fireplace) is a great choice for many outdoor dining and cooking areas.

Your DIY Stone Fireplace Kit Contents

Each easy-to-assemble kit comes with everything necessary to build the fireplace of your choice. It will include the bricks your preferred color and the mortar or adhesive necessary to hold each brick in place. Accessories such as an optional hearth and/or mantel can be ordered with your outdoor fireplace DIY kit or afterward.

After your project is complete, you might decide you want to add additional aspects to your outdoor fireplace to modify its look and purpose. Water features can be added to your DIY outdoor project after completion or incorporated around your fireplace once it is up and ready to use.

Your kit will come with necessary attachments to burn natural gas, propane, or wood. Our kits come in sizes and models for the perfect addition to your patio. Prices are varied, so you are sure to find something to fit your budget.

How To Get Started

Learn more about how you can get started on your desire to enjoy a beautiful stone fireplace on your patio by checking out our information page here. Or please feel free to give us a call. We can give you expert and friendly advice. 

And unlike most large corporation home improvement stores, it’s easy to speak with a knowledgeable staff member who can help you with your questions here at Southwest Stone Supply. We would love to help you make an outdoor fireplace DIY kit your next great project!

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