The Top Benefits of Adding Retaining Walls to Your Lawn

Field Stone Retaining Wall

Are you interested in ramping up the value of your home for less than the cost of a used car?

Having a company put in retaining walls can cost less than $5500. That may seem expensive at first. But you can get a ton of benefits as well. 

From improving the value of your home to reducing insurance costs, they are a solid investment. Read on to learn a few of the benefits they can provide you.

1. Create a Visually Striking Yard

Do you ever look out at your lawn and notice all the slopes going this way and that? Wouldn’t you rather look at a clean picture? A retaining wall can become an integral part of a beautifully landscaped yard design. They can level out your yard, giving it a more pleasant appearance for you and your family to enjoy every time you see it. 

Instead of just grass and a smattering of trees, you will have attractive retaining walls installed creating a professionally designed and sculpted feel to your landscape. Now when you walk through your yard it is nicely evened out and more level, even though you may be situated on hilly land. And only a few steps separate the level areas. 

Wouldn’t you love to take your family pictures there? Imagine it, everyone gathered by one of the handsome natural stone walls. No need to go to a studio, instead you can bring the photographer to one of your picturesque hardscapes.

2. Retaining Walls Create Added Value

retaining walls for slopes and hillsEveryone wants to sell their house for more than it cost them. Before they buy it, they have ideas in mind of what they can improve. And often when people buy a house they launch straight into the remodeling work.

Typically, when most people remodel their home, they start in the bathroom or the kitchen. Unfortunately, many wear out and don’t get around to designing the lawn and landscape in a way that catches the eye.

But think about selling your house one day. You walk the buyers out to the lawn and their eyes drink in the sight. 

Now you have their attention. Why? 

Every house they’ve seen has a luxurious bathroom. And they don’t really care much about another granite countertop. Every home has closets and they have surely seen plenty of them.

But a yard that offers them a pleasant escape or a nice evening of relaxation, well, that is something desirable…and valuable.

They will understand in that moment why your house is priced a little higher. And now it makes sense because they can envision watching their kids play in that yard. They are thinking of the parties they will host.

All because you put some care and beauty in the landscaping and the decorative stone walls in your backyard.

3. Less Work on Lawn Day

Think about your sloping lawn again. Isn’t it just a pain to mow it and keep it looking sharp and clean?

Walls to the rescue! Not only will you have less area to mow, but also flatter spaces. Rather than fighting hills, it will be far less work to mow the lawn than before. 

You can follow the contour of the edges with ease. You might even be able to leave some of those nice diagonal mowing lines that make a freshly trimmed yard look so nice.

However you choose to mow, it is easier because some of your lawn is divided up with decorative stone. The rest has been leveled and you won’t have to work as hard to get the job finished.

4. Added Weather-Proofing

Stop Erosion with Retaining WallsRetaining walls do more than create curb appeal. They serve a functional purpose also.

First, since they flatten things out, running water will move more slowly. Quickly flowing water can rip out trees, erode soil and have an impact on the foundation of your house.

But if you can make that water stop, then your soil stays in your yard. The trees, shrubs, and grass remain healthy. And your foundations remain safe.

As a bonus, when landscapers install your retaining walls, they include drainage systems. That’s a safety feature you can take to your insurance company, too. 

Water dissolves minerals deep beneath your home and eventually, it causes serious problems. This is one way that sinkholes form. 

But with your stone blocks and drainage systems, your lawn will get a good soaking. Then the rest of the water will head elsewhere, leaving your property intact with no erosion problems.

5. Add Options to Your Garden

Vertical Garden in Retaining WallWhen you picture putting stone walls in your yard or garden, did you consider a DIY project with different looks or patterns

You have several options to consider. What if you placed the blocks in a different pattern? Instead of laying the next to each other, leave some space between the blocks.

If your wall isn’t supporting a great amount of pressure you might separate the blocks enough to have workable space. But keep them close enough for the next row to be supported.

Now go to work planting seeds between those stones. You get to have flowers, vines, or even spices between the blocks of your wall. This could be a perfect spot for plants that grow well without direct sunlight. And now you have the perfect vertical garden.

With those extra plants, your yard can become more colorful and even a little bit greener.

6. Low Maintenance, High Durability

Retaining walls can be built from a few different kinds of materials. But they all share these features. They last a long time and you don’t have to do much to maintain them. 

Sure, you may have to do some weeding every now and then. And it is possible you will have to replace a stone or two once a decade. But beyond that, once they are in, they are there to stay for a long time.

Plan Now, Build Soon

So if you have uneven ground, with all these benefits in mind, is there any reason not to have retaining walls built in your yard? They add to the beauty and value. They make your work easier and add pizzazz to your garden or landscaped space.

If you are ready to learn more, get in touch with us here. And plan to do the hardscaping you’ve been dreaming of.

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