The Easiest Installation Ever for Outdoor Porcelain Pavers: The Rise-It Pedestal System

Patio made of Bluestone Porcelain Pavers in Osage Beach, MO

The use of Outdoor Porcelain Pavers is a growing trend, but some installations can be difficult. The Rise-It Paver Pedestal System offers the easiest installation ever.

The use of porcelain pavers has, over the years, increased. It is no longer just used for traditional interior tiling on walls and floors but now it’s also found in otherwise high traffic areas. Advances in manufacturing porcelain pavers and the use of new technology means that companies are now able to produce porcelain pavers that are much thicker than they traditionally were. They are larger and more durable, making them suitable for various exterior applications.

The latest 2cm Porcelain Pavers, for instance, boast of various outstanding features, something that no other floor covering can match. The use of high-tech manufacturing and unique clay materials coupled with high pressure and temperature curing techniques have meant that these pavers are harder. Consequently, they are abrasion-resistant, even against iron and steel.

Challenges Laying Out Porcelain Pavers Outdoors

Since the latest porcelain pavers boast so many features, many people overlook the challenge associated with installing them correctly. While professionals can work around the challenge using various methods, it is best for a potential buyer to understand what they will be dealing with when laying them outdoors.

The Layout

What type of design and layout do you want for your pavers? The easiest, as you would imagine, with porcelain tile and pavers is square. And that’s simply because these are traditionally available in square or rectangular shapes. Using a square will help to minimize waste and the need for excessive cutting. However, curved areas can be a challenge when using porcelain and making cuts may require a highly skilled hand or specialized equipment.

Inclination (aka, Slope)

Installing ceramic pavers on a surface with multiple slopes can also be a challenge. You will need to bear in mind that porcelain pavers are large, and they don’t bend. So, in a way, they are limited to being installed on a flat surface. However, this challenge can be overcome with a new technology called, “Rise It,” which is something we’ll get into below.


Porcelain pavers and tiles tend to get hotter than their concrete and stone counterparts. So if the surface where the pavers are installed receives a lot of direct sunlight, you will want to choose a lighter color, as well as arrange for some heat absorbent material. “Rise It” technology, when used with light-colored pavers like light gray, cream, and beige, will not become as hot. This extends the service life of the pavers.

Start by Choosing the Right Porcelain Pavers

At Southwest Stone Supply, we currently sell an array of porcelain pavers that meet a myriad of aesthetic and practical safety requirements for exterior use. Some have an anti-slip surface and others are extremely weather resistant.

Once you have chosen the right pavers, the next step is to install it in the best possible way. As mentioned above, porcelain pavers have an inherent set of challenges associated with installing them. Many of those challenges can be overcome using the new “Rise It” system to which we’ve been alluding.

What is the Rise-It System and How Does it Work?

Rise-It is a patented custom paver system by DynamexTM, and it makes install porcelain pavers significantly easier across all types of surfaces. The Rise-It system does not require special tools or extensive training. This is really helpful because it means that almost anyone can use it while being able to custom tailor it to their specific needs.

Since the latest thick and durable porcelain pavers are heavy, Rise-It is designed to take a lot of the load off the pavers. At the same time, it reduces shock, vibrations and weather-related damage. Not to mention that it (Rise-It) can withstand up to 2,000 lbs of load, making it immensely useful for many commercial and outdoor applications.

Rise-It is made from recyclable materials, and their high-load bearing properties make it possible for use across numerous types of structures from roofs to parking lots. 

The system also eases leveling, which is otherwise a challenge with porcelain pavers (as stated above). Leveling can also be custom set. This allows homeowners to convert their otherwise unused roof space into a seating area or patio by applying the system over uneven areas. 

Not only does it help even things out, but it also offers protection for those important roofing membranes and moisture barrier systems. You can also use Rise-Its over rough concrete and sidewalks, without compromising the integrity of the porcelain pavers.

Available in 4mm, 3mm, flat-top pedestal, and 1/16” SHIM, they can easily be stacked for the desired use. Three pieces can be stacked in increments up to ½” with 4 shims used. providing 1/16” inch increments for the most precise leveling.

Benefits of the Rise-It System

Compared to other types of custom paver and pave raising systems, there are many benefits associated with the Rise-It system. In addition to addressing the challenges associated with laying out porcelain pavers, they also offer the following advantages:

  • Energy Efficient – Rise-It tends to be more energy-efficient compared to all similar products.
  • Water Resistant – The water resistance capabilities of the Rise-It system makes it perfect for areas like those near a swimming pool, patio, etc. where drainage is needed.
  • Durable and Relatively Maintenance-Free – Rise-It lasts longer, can withstand harsh weather, mold, mildew, rot and consequently does not require as much maintenance. So, unlike other systems, you will not need to replace it anytime soon.
  • Uses Salvaged Material – Contractors that are working for businesses that are environmentally conscious will find that Rise-It is their best bet. Not only are they recyclable, but they are made from reconditioned, previously used material.
  • Biodegradable – While recycling is recommended, they are biodegradable, which means that they don’t harm the environment in any way.


Porcelain pavers are the future. So with a growing number of homes and business owners turning to porcelain as their material of choice, products like Rise-It help to address the inherent installation challenges of the material. Not only does the Rise-It System make installation quick and easy, but it lasts long, and consequently, extends the life of your porcelain pavers by several decades.

The ease of installation using Rise-It along with porcelain pavers helps keep costs down without compromising durability and longevity. That’s why many in the construction industry see Rise-It coupled with leading brands of porcelain pavers as the future covering material for rooftops, patios, terraces, decks, swimming pool areas, etc.

Make installing porcelian pavers anywhere a breeze!

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