Smokeless Fire Pits: Have You Heard About These Impressive Products?

A Solo Stove smokeless fire pit being shared by friends around a campfire

If you’re looking for high-quality smokeless fire pits, the Solo Stove Bonfire or Yukon may be just the answer you’re looking for. These impressive fire pits function on a higher level and will allow you to enjoy your outdoor living space year-round with family and friends.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 6 benefits of these extraordinary Solo Stove smokeless fire pits.

1. The Bonfire and the Yukon fire pits are extremely attractive.

While it’s true that you can build a simple brick or stone block backyard fire pit, you will fall in love with the style and handsome design of these amazing products. And they don’t just look good, they are built extraordinarily well. So much so, that with their stainless steel engineering they are nearly indestructible.

2. They are truly portable fire pits.

While being plenty large for a multi-person gathering, they are still small enough to move easily. So they can be easily packed up and used while camping or taken to the lake or over to a friend’s house. And if you just want to relocate it to a different place at your home, it’s easy to move.

This way you don’t have to ruin your grass just to have a fire. Many prefer to create a dedicated landscaped area for it. So all you need to do is clean out the ashes and it’s good to go.

3. Are these really smokeless fire pits?

Lots of people have questions about this aspect of the Solo Stove products, so we’ve addressed the top 3 questions Google lists about this issue.

Do smokeless fire pits work?

Yes! If you follow the manufacturer’s instructions your Solo Stove fire pit will be smokeless. The designed airflow of the unit draws the smoke back down into the unit. You can check out reviews on our website here. In addition, there are other types of fire pits that are fuelled by propane or natural gas that are also smokeless.

What is the best smokeless fire pit?

This is going to be a subjective answer depending somewhat on your personal preference. Those who prefer an upscale experience that can be enjoyed inside or out may prefer a gas fire table. Others will love their natural gas or propane fire pits. We’re convinced that if you love a real wood fire, you’ll choose the Solo Stove fire pits.

What makes a fire pit smokeless?

Solo Stove has engineered a uniquely efficient design that maximizes airflow and the entire burning process to effect a more complete burn with little to no smoke. From their website: “Strategically placed holes in the double-wall structure draw in air from the bottom and feed the heated oxygen to the top, resulting in a spectacular secondary burn. The best part? Nearly no smoke and minimal ash left to clean!”

It’s important to note that users report that it is necessary to keep from overfilling the unit. The wood needs to be below the secondary air vents.

4. You get a natural wood-burning experience.

Log fires offer a special ambiance that just isn’t quite the same with gas burning fire pits. 

If you’re like us, you love a wood-burning fire, whether it’s at the lake or in your backyard. 

These units are engineered to be wood-friendly, so they burn hotter and light easier than most other wood-burning fire pits, giving you that awesome natural log fire experience.

5. Cleanup is easy.

Because the Yukon and Bonfire smokeless fire pits burn so efficiently, the wood you use is generally reduced to a fine ash when you follow the fuel burning guidelines. Simply stated, they just burn better and hotter. As an added bonus, this makes these units easy to clean out. Just be sure to wait until they’ve cooled down, as they can get quite hot.

6. You will get an excellent lifetime warranty.

In the unlikely event that you experience problems with your fire pit due to a manufacturing defect, Solo Stove will replace yours free of charge. They’ll send you a prepaid return label if your product is anywhere in the lower 48 states.

Furthermore, if one of their smokeless fire pits gets damaged through normal use (or even misuse), they will review the problem and try to suggest repair options for you. And even more amazing is that they will afford you a one-time courtesy replacement at 50% off the list price, website specials excluded. (Read the full warranty information here.)

Conclusion: These are the best smokeless fire pits in multiple categories.

We feel this is the best of several products all combined into one.  Not only do you get the best smokeless fire pit, but one that is also portable, highly efficient, and gorgeous, too. And what an amazing and unique gift this would make for someone! 

These sell fast and we only have a limited number still in stock. So call today or come by our Osage Beach, MO location to get yours!

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