Our Best Collection of Pathway Lighting Ideas and Tips

Attractive pathway lighting illuminates a hardscaped walkway at night.

There are functional and decorative aspects of lighting. Good lighting design finds a balance between both of them; you can see around you and the fixtures enhance the space’s aesthetic. 

Outdoor lighting tends to get stuck after ensuring functionality – but yours doesn’t have to. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your home’s exterior, why not add beauty with pathway lighting? Use these pathway lighting ideas as inspiration to take your pathway lights from drab to fab.

Twinkling Candlelight

Like something out of a fairytale, candlelit walkways tell of cozy welcomes and enchanting conversations. Transform your pathway into an intricate dream with traditional lanterns. 

Lanterns are perfect for paths flanked by ivy-ridden garden beds or explosions of seasonal flowers. The dancing light from the lanterns plays well with the texture of brick or stone pathways.   

Because lanterns give off a gentle glow, try not to space them too far apart. The pools of light from each lantern should touch or overlap.

Stunning Spotlights

For a pathway with key design features, like arches, sculptures, or fountains, use spotlights to draw attention to them. Strategically-angled spotlights can be hidden from view while lighting up your pathway and the centerpieces of your garden. 

Add interest to your outdoor path by using different colored bulbs or color-changing bulbs.

Consistent Style

If you want the same lighting fixtures along your pathway and around outdoor seating areas, look for outdoor lighting with some height. Lamps between hip and chest height often have small bases that won’t take up too much room in between exterior furniture pieces. 

Another benefit of lights with height is that they won’t cast unflattering shadows across you and your guests’ faces! Part of good lighting design is knowing how a fixture will affect its surroundings (even if the surroundings are, in fact, people!)

Dazzling Downlights

Downlights are a gorgeous pathway lighting option. They have large coverage areas without greatly contributing to light pollution

Minimalistic downlights are unobtrusive and keep the focus on your garden’s greenery. Stylish and modern downlights add depth and intrigue to your yard. If your home is more old-fashioned, look for rustic wrought-iron downlights to match its aesthetic. 

Some downlights mount on tree branches and cast a cool, moonlight-like glow throughout your yard.

Mounted Step Lights

If your pathway has a wall on one or both sides, you can mount step lights instead of using standalone outdoor lamps. 

Flush step lights blend in seamlessly with a modern exterior, while classic wall-mounted lanterns mimic antique accents in your home.

Motion Sensors

Using motion sensor lights for your pathway adds visual interest to your yard. As the areas surrounding the lights light up one by one, your guests have the chance to focus on every part of your landscaping.

Keep in mind that when the pathway isn’t in use, the lights will be off. If you want your garden to still be lit up, you can still achieve the drama of motion sensor lights. Simply use gentler lights throughout the yard and strong motion sensor lights for the pathway!

Transform Your Yard With Pathway Lighting

Pathway lighting can be just as beautiful as it is useful! Hopefully, these pathway lighting design ideas have inspired you to enhance your landscape or garden with strategic and stunning lighting. 

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