Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting & Landscape Lighting

Low Voltage outdoor lighting is perfect for Landscpe lighting at your lake house.

When you want a simple way to add dramatic ambiance lighting and emphasis to your landscape design, low voltage outdoor lighting is the way to go. And since your lighting will be low voltage, it will be safer than traditional 120v systems. Plus, you will be able to add it with minimal disruption of your primary electrical supply.

Our low voltage landscape lighting offers a softer, warmer ambiance as a nice alternative to ordinary floodlights which typically produce an unpleasant and glaring effect. Our lights can be strategically positioned to highlight your landscape features and plants and set to come on automatically with a digital timer.

Outdoor step lighting lights up the area for safety.
Additional lighting for steps and paths is a great idea for improved safety.

Furthermore, LED outdoor lighting offers increased safety as you light up steps, paths, transitions, and other dark areas that may cause problems. And when installed and applied strategically, our lighting system can be used to show off your landscape in an artistically decorative manner.

Adding layers of light when designing an outdoor living space helps create an amazing feel to the area, just as it does with indoor lighting. So in the same way that you utilize overhead lights, floor lamps, and wall lighting inside your home, you can design your outdoor living area lighting to include brightened walls, decorative overhead lighting, and highlighted landscaping elements. And if you like, our amazing staff and expert customer care can help you with outdoor lighting ideas.

Landscape Lighting Products

Southwest Stone Supply offers a complete and comprehensive product line for residential or commercial applications.  Lights are available in multiple finishes, designs, voltages, materials, accessories, and light sources. You can create nearly any exterior application with our Focus Industries lighting systems. 

Our Focus Lighting is committed to value engineering and therefore keeps step with the most cutting edge lamp technologies. Our outdoor lighting designs, performance, and maintenance are second to none.  Utilizing top-quality power delivery systems, our customers get the best products on the market, and they come with a very reasonable price tag.

Check out our innovative landscape lighting systems and products. They can help make your home or outdoor living area more beautiful and more secure.

So when you install Focus lighting products you’ll have less maintenance to worry about while you relax and enjoy longer product life and better, enhanced performance. And your new low-voltage lighting offers the added convenience of better control features. All these amenities help bring your landscape lighting into Focus!

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