Landscaping Stone

Choose Best Landscaping Stone

Decorative landscaping boulder
Decorative landscaping boulders present an impressive and majestic look.

For many homeowners, one of the most difficult parts of custom landscaping is choosing the right stone. Virtually any color, shape, size, and texture of stone are available that will bring warmth and beauty to your design. However, one important rule is making sure your choice suits the style of your project, rather than simply following the latest trends.

Other considerations are the proportion of the stone to your project and the traffic that will be on or around the stones. Perhaps color uniformity is important to you, or maybe you’d like stones that mix well with each
other—like for a patio next to a retaining wall (as shown above) or garden edging next to a walkway or path. With all the possibilities, it is best to talk to the experts at Southwest Stone Supply about which stone is right for your project—and within your budget!

Created by Mother Nature, our stone comes direct from the quarry to you!