Decorative gravels used in attractive landscape design

Advantages of Decorative Gravel in Gardening & Sustainable Landscaping

Advantages of Decorative Gravel in Gardening and Sustainable Landscaping Landscapers and gardeners have taken advantage of the use of decorative gravels and rock in landscape designs and gardens for years because of its flexibility and simple maintenance requirements.  More and more people are showing concern regarding water conservation as well as the use of chemicals […]

Top 10 Tips for Using Boulders to Improve Your Landscape Design

Say goodbye to ordinary landscaping! One of the real advantages of using natural stone boulders in your landscape is that they offer the wondrous effect of revealing nature’s pure beauty. These large, stately landscaping stones can alter the appearance and feel of your property. And they can also lessen the need for as many plants […]

Landscaping Stones

Top 5 Tips for Choosing Landscaping Stones

The right landscaping stones will complete the look of your yard. Read on to learn how to choose the right landscaping stones. Are you thinking about redoing your yard or patio using landscaping stones? Landscaping stones are a great idea for any yard or patio that needs a facelift! They’re super low maintenance, fire-proof, and […]