A wheelbarrow beside a pile of bulk cedar mulch

The 5 Huge Dos and Don’ts of Mulch Landscaping

The 5 Huge Dos and Don’ts of Mulch Landscaping (More recent articles…) Aside from preventing the growth of weeds, mulch has other surprising benefits. It can protect the soil by reducing water loss and regulating the temperature. As mulch breaks down, it can also improve soil nutrition and also attract beneficial worms. This way, your foliage […]

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Mulling Over Mulch: How to Choose the Right Mulch for Your Landscape

Mulch helps improve your garden’s soil quality and slow the growth of weeds. Your goal for mulching is to make a garden or landscaping space look more appealing and promote plant growth. Mulch applied to the soil helps to reduce air and sunlight exposure. Types of mulch include wood bark/chips, dried leaves, gravel, and even […]